Working on Ragnarok

Last time i showed some goodies and in the mean time the HEL Brakelines came in so time to take Ragnarok apart.
Was asked if i could come in at work last Saturday for a job they really want me to do. It was not a big job so i said no problem, it was a long weekend any-way.
Off course they had something else but that was more play than work. Pick up a Scania 580 horse power V8 at the dealer, a full options model with a custom interior… what a beauty.

When i came home i removed the bashplate to let the oil drain when it was nice and hot, an aluminium foil is helpful to keep (most of the) oil of the exhaust.
Next was to put the plates in a container for a nice soak of oil before installing.

After this i didn’t feel like starting the next step because i don’t know how long it takes and i have the tendency to forget about time, it won’t be the first time if it turns up to be 3 in the morning when i realize it. The plates had to soak anyway.

The next day it was time to get to the clutch. I did a lot of work on all of my bikes but never tackled a clutch, i know how they work so that should help.
Not…. this is a different kind and it seems i need a special tool for it which i don’t have and cannot buy just around the corner, besides it’s Easter Sunday.
I looked it up and i figured i could make one so i send my boss a WhatsApp if it was OK to go to work to make one and like expected that was no problem.
Just made a template and went off after lunch.

It needed a little tweaking and then it got the job done.
Now i could take everything apart, put the new set of plates in and start assembling.
The friction plates still looked good but looking at the blue steel plates they’re probably glazed and pretty useless because of that.

Last time i changed the brake fluid i also should have changed the clutch fluid as it is the same with the same downside and it did need a change.
The fluid was dark and a good sign it was due but the reservoir was still clean and i’ve seen terrible reservoirs full of sludge and other filth, not real bad after all.

Being busy with the fluid it is a good time to get right to the next job, the brakelines.
This set is a bit more challenging than those of Ecstasy which had 3, 2 for the front (separate left and right).
The set for Ragnarok are 3 for the back which i will change when the rear shock is in from Hyperpro because it’s a waste of time to take the back apart two times when it can be done once. The brakelines are an upgrade, not a necessary repair so it can wait.
The front is nicely accessible but i took down the fairing anyway. I used the moment also to bend the crashbar back in place, the left side came in a bit when i crashed during the Adventure Shield training and now it was just a little too close to the fairing to take them of without removing the crashbar as well.

After installing the new lines the system has to be filled again and bleeded.
As you can see in the first picture i have a vacuum bleeder but when you replaced the lines it still can take a long time, especially with the complicated ABS plus DCBS system.
Best way is to fill it witch a big syringe from the bottom, push the fluid in where normally the air comes out.
Still need to bleed it afterwards but then the same like a change of fluid.

Before i start putting back al the parts i took off i first want to start him and let the oil filter fill up and put the level to spec.
This turned out to be chore which seemed cursed, already had an accident with the oil i used to soak the plates, need to make a special tool and no Raganrok turns over but doesn’t start 😧
Turned out that i put the pulse generator beck in upside down. I was certain that it fitted just one way but i was wrong.
Didn’t expect something on the inside of the cover to remove and i didn’t want to damage the cable and i didn’t look good enough how it was mounted.
Result…. I had to drain the oil again, turn the pulse generator around, clean and reseal the cover and wait again 24 hours for the sealant to cure but before i was to that point it was almost midnight.

By now the Easter weekend was over and had to finish the job Tuesday after work.
Good thing i have two bikes and this was the main reason why i didn’t want to wait with buying a second bike.
Without Ecstasy (or a car but why would i buy a car when i can buy a second bike) i couldn’t go to work to make the tool and i had to finish Ragnarok and had to risk a leak because i couldn’t let the sealant cure.
Tuesday after groceries and cooking it took another 3 to 4 hours to get Ragnarok up and running, ready for use which meant if i had to do that also on Monday i couldn’t go to bed any more.
By the time i’d be in bed the alarm would go off to get ready for work.
Tuesday and Wednesday was no weather for Ragnarok anyway. It snowed pretty bad an even though Ragnarok has ABS and traction control i choose the nimble and lighter Ecstasy in these conditions.
ABS only works when braking and traction control prevents only a slip caused by over powering the rear wheel but when it just slips it’s easier to correct a light(er) bike and when i don’t manage to correct it i have to pick up the bike. What will be the best bike to pick up from the tarmac, a 300kg bike or a 215kg bike?

That was the result of the first 20km, after that you can see it was nice and clear.

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