Work on Sporherre

Just to fill up the void in between episodes i decided to try something else.
Not planning on making how-to video’s so it’s just me telling what kept me busy this weekend and also try to get a bit more comfortable on camera.

This time i had some work on Sporherre because is needed new tyres and had some work on the brakes.
I don’t understand what happened with brake disks or rotors depending on the country or region, not sure but i know both names are correct just not where de differences come from. I always use Ferodo pads and never had to change the rotors on my VTEC but had them changed on Ragnarok and the ones on Sporherre are shot even faster.
The VTEC was totalled at 114k km and Ragnarok needed new rotors at 88k km but the ones on Sporherre already showing serious signs of wear at 27k km.

For now i put back the pads in front that came off when i put a fresh set on at the start of the ScanBaltic trip. That buys me time to figure out what i want to do but i’m thinking about a one disk conversion with a rear ABS delete.
At this moment with both sides needed to be changed it’s just a little more expensive at this moment but saves money every time i need new pads.
Other plus is the weight saving and this weight counts double as it is unsprung weight.
This is one of those things i normally would not spend money on just to change it but is a big win when you need to change the parts anyway so i guess you already know that i’m fooling myself when i say i’m thinking about it…

I thought the rear pads where worn but they’re the same as the old ones that came off and can stay until the rotor change together with the front.
What i did do front and rear was change the brake fluid for the DOT4 Racing. In Episode 1 of the ScanBaltic series i mentioned losing my rear brake on the Lysevegen serpentine road.
I had the same with Ragnarok in the south of Italy after Michel and i split up. I already ran DOT5.1 on his brakes and changed it to DOT4 Racing and never had it again so that’s what went in Sporherre’s brakes too.
This was also a regular service item just done with a better product. It’s about 3 to 4 times more expensive as the normal DOT4 but still way cheaper than crashing the bike.

Then off course the tyres, the old and new front and rear.

And off course the video, let me know what you think of this kind of content.

4 Replies to “Work on Sporherre”

  1. I hope you’ll get to riding again soon! Of course it’s good to read you’re getting all geared up, but for me the adventure is what I most like to share in 🏍️

    1. I wish i could go on more adventures but it’s limited to a big one and a few shorter a year.
      Next big trip will be later on in September but i want to see if i can go to Serbia somewhere in June.

  2. Klaar, dus laat het voorjaar maar komen, niet dat jij de motor niet zal gebruiken in de winter net als ik, gewoon doorgaan ;-).

    1. Klaar is hij nooit, ben aan het kijken om de single rotor conversie zo goedkoop mogelijk hier te krijgen.
      Die moet er dan wel op dus weer werk.

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