Where am i?

normally this stretch was not worth a blog. But what meant to be just main road over Moldova to Odessa did had a surprise.

the reason why i choose main roads for this part was the expectancy of the conditions and boy i was right. There where a few brand new sections and there where bad sections. How bad? Let’s say i wonder what the conditions where of the new parts why they choose that parts over the bad parts. I hope i got it on camera to use in the movies that will come with the final blogs.

The real surprise however was another border crossing into a country i had to Google as i could not understand the pronunciation of the very beautiful ladies at the checkpoint. Their English was not real bad but every time they told me the name of the country it was in their own language what was close to Russian. Also the Country sign had some Russian letters but underneath id said PMR.

When i got to my apartment and got connected i found out it was Transnistria or Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. Which is not recognized by any country except 3 other not recognized countries. But hell… Now i can cross off a non existing county as a bonus! There is more to the story but that’s for real story.

Today i took a resting day here in Odessa and hoped to find a new camelback. I lost mine at the last part of Hungary or was it already the first part of Romania? Anyway, it was at a gas station where i filled Ragnarok up and just as i wanted to move on it started to rain so i took the bag of and put it on the duffel but forget to hang it on my shoulders … When i noticed my mistake it was already too late to turn around. Also because the roads where pretty bad, it was raining and the day turned out a bit longer than expected already.

Here in Odessa i found a shop that had the one i had and wanted again on their website but sadly didn’t had it in stock. A double shame as it was orange. I’ll keep an eye on Google maps when i get close to a big(ger) city. Maybe looking 2 days ahead and call. This shop could have it in one or 2 days so if i called the last day in Romania where i could call without extra costs it would be here today. But this is travelling life and something i learned. As far as i can see online (for what it’s worth) the temperatures gonna be nice and not real hot so i should be fine with a bottle as a back up instead of 2 litres to drink while riding.

just to add a few pictures, here’s one of my lunch in Moldova at the side of the road, my view there and me at the Black sea… Yes i am happy, just not into the selfie thing.

3 Replies to “Where am i?”

  1. Haha, zo herken ik je wel hoor Ray, inclusief de “incognito” zonnebril. Mooi verhaal weer, soms moet ik het wel een keertje extra lezen om te begrijpen 😉 maar dat zal zijn vanwege jou schrijfstijl en mijn “Engelse leeskunde” haha.
    Ga je goed, stay safe.

    1. Wie zegt dat hier niet alsnog een oranje gaat worden?
      Ik had destijds de keuze tussen zwart en grijs en ik hoefde geen waterkoker op de rug dus net als het pak grijs gekozen. Oranje trekt de warmte ook niet aan dus ik ga wel proberen een oranje te scoren.

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