What’s wrong with the world

I told about the delivery of the seat but problems are not just with the couriers.
For Sporherre i needed a new front sprocket, i was a bit late and i started feeling the wear on in through the footpegs so time to park him until i have a new one.
My regular dealer could not deliver the one i wanted on a short term due to supply chain issues so before i went for an alternative.
It was a hard part to find but one shop had one that would take 2 to 7 workdays but that’s better then no date at all like the rest but after 8 workdays still nothing and after a mail asking why it was not here the answer was another 4 weeks… why didn’t i get an email about this delay?? They could see what alternative they could offer but i said a can get an alternative at my local dealer without shipment added and cancelled the order.
That Saturday i went to the wrenching day from the VFROC and stopped at my local dealer to order an alternative but the guy who helped me this time had another resource and Tuesday i would have the sprocket i wanted, probably it came in at the end of the day but Wednesday morning i had a text message it was in. This was why it was needed and why i didn’t rode it when i discovered.

But it didn’t stay with this for maintenance because Ragnarok needs new front brakes, pads AND rotors and when i take the front apart i also want to change the fork oil because that is wayyyyy overdue and steering is not how it should be so to be sure i also ordered new seals.
The fork oil i had to order somewhere else because the brand i needed was not available at the dealer. Found it with Saturday as delivery date which was perfect because i could start working and be home when it would come…. but it didn’t.
With that the title is explained, it’s a crazy world with still the aftermath form Covid and the Russia – Ukrainian war so i get it when items are hard to get but i don’t get why parcel company’s keep screwing up and why shops are not honest about delivery dates.
The sprocket i cancelled and never buy there again, the fork oil i have to wait for the answer from customer service but when i don’t cancel this because other options are most likely not here next weekend and i more than a week is not an option because of other plans but i will also not place another order there and i hope everybody will boycott company’s who are not truthful, this has to stop.
This is what the status is for now….

Yes i know, the tyre won’t last very long but the part connecting the 2 lugs is not a tread control but for stability when they’re still big.
The fork oil did was way overdue but the problematic steering turned out to be some play in the steering stem bearing, not a damage (yet) but adjustable.
Everybody has one of these days or just a period it just doesn’t go the way you would wanted and this is definitely a period for me because to add to the supply problems i’m having a cough i can;t get rid of for a few weeks and am not as fit as normal. One part of being tired in the evening is the use of cheap disposable reading glasses ad work because prescription glasses are expensive and my line of work is not friendly for glasses.
The cheap ones however are not up to it at all and degrading too fast causing me to fall asleep on the couch. The eyes just have to work too hard to see through the easily damaged glasses so i bit the bullet and have some fitted with mineral glass (the heat of the welding is destroying plastic) but that was money i really didn’t want to spend but it’s just nor normal for me to be tired and i hope this will solve it.
Today also my almost new compressor obtained an issue, it already came with a bad power plug (one of the pins was bent) and i blew the warranty by fixing that myself. They ship with their own company instead of one of the main company’s and to get the plug fixed i had to ship it back but i needed to take a day off to get that done and that would cost me basically almost as much as the compressor had cost me not expecting this.
On the other side this would not be discovered then so i hope i can fix this also myself.

Well that was not only an update but also a bit of a rant.
It’s all minor stuff especially compared to what my boss has gone through the last year so don’t be sorry for me, i’m fine like always and without bad moments you don’t appreciate the good ones enough.
Like my old neighbour (my second mom and often more my first mom) always said, it’s never so dark or it will be light again.

2 Replies to “What’s wrong with the world”

  1. That indeed was a bit of a rant, but you know, you’re the one who experiences whatever is thrown at you first hand and it’s all closer to your heart than anybody else’s problems, so don’t trivialize them or even begin to compare them to anybody else’s problems. This is all very real and you have every right to get it off your chest the way you have. I can only appreciate this.

    Hang in there! Ron

  2. Een duidelijk verhaal maar wees gerust dat veel bedrijven ook weer afhankelijk zijn van toeleveranciers, jij kunt dat weten. En dan zijn verwachte leverdata ineens niet meer mogelijk, het is dus vaak niet de schuld van jouw directe leverancier maar …. overmacht.
    Helaas krijgt de directe detailhandel de schuld maar vaak onterecht. Het feit blijft dat dit een klote tijd is waarin overal en in iedere branche wel leveringsproblemen zijn. We moeten wel door ….

    En zoals Ron al zei, hou vol Ray, het is nooit zo donker of het zal weer licht zijn.

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