What’s up next?

Corona still keeping us hostage but that doesn’t mean life is standing still.
Tomorrow there was a VFROC ride planned but this one is also cancelled, at least as an official ride but will go on as an individual ride.
I planned to do all the cancelled rides on the set date and regular times and i know there are some other members who do that so i will see who i will be at the starting point tomorrow.

After the new vlog setup test i discovered that a external mike was needed and the mounting on the bike had to be more fixed.
To get that done i ordered an external mike and some different mounting parts.
One of the parts is in and i also ordered an extra base, now i have to change the base between Ragnarok and Ecstasy witch is annoying.
The mike is also in, maybe i will test it during the ride tomorrow.

The last expensive item on the wish-list also arrived. The Hyperpro rear suspension for Ragnarok and the shocktube to protect it.

Now i just need to find the time to install it and do the rear HEL brake-lines as well, those i had put on hold to tackle at the same time to spare an extra time taking the rear apart.

A small job on the back i did do was changing the oil in the final drive witch is scheduled every 3 years but with my mileage it was already 38k/km in 2 years and i will plan the next one at 25k/km because it is noticeable. That means 38k is too much.

The Fred Schoenmakers weekend is also officially cancelled due to Covid-19 as the Germans shut down the border with the Netherlands and is is unclear for how long this time.
This VFROC weekend is called after a board member who died in a motorcycle accident on the way to the hotel we would go 2 years ago.
He and i where on our way to do a final check of the routes and plan the final details with the hotel.
He was in a coma for another week and a halve and died on the 27th of April in 2019 after disconnecting the life support. He was nuts about ice cream, often we did an ice round on those weekends after the normal planned day-trip. Not rarely around 100km after the regular 250 – 300km day-trip.
Fred enjoyed life and died during what he loved doing so instead of weeping about our loss we remembered him enjoying an ice cream. Also just realised this year he died on Kingsday, that means we always have the day off to go for ice cream and hopefully with all his friends and family without Covid limitations next year.

Now the weekend is off the plan is to do another TET section, just figuring out if it will be North Netherlands or Belgium. Belgium just opened the borders but it’s still not completely clear in what degree but as far i know also for unnecessary travel and my colleague who lives in Belgium says even the police there doesn’t know for sure.
In that case a 3 day trip won’t be a problem.
Just need a new sleeping bag as mine is 30 years old and still fine but not suitable for these temperatures and last September at the Austrian – Italian border it wasn’t either.
If the Balkan trip or the Norwegian will be possible in September this year there will be places it also won’t be sufficient , time to go shopping next weekend.

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