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Wintertime is even though i keep riding a slow season but there’s always things going on and this is what went on the last 2 weeks since the last post.

I was planning on changing the rear rim for a narrower one when it would get damaged, just to save some money when it doesn’t need to be spent but with the upcoming Bosnia Rally i decided to order it before damaging the OEM after all.
I can buy tyres via the organisation and fitting them is in the rally service you buy with the entering fee but in my OEM size i have just one option and that’s not an enduro tyre.
With the 2,5″ rim for a 140 tyre (OEM is 4″for a 150) i have that one option plus 2 different enduro spec tyres so i bit the bullet and with the next tyre change i go for a 140 will also change the rim and the spokes that came with it.

My rally seat is still on it’s way after 2 fails from DHL having them send back to sender 2 times. The 3rd attempt will be done via another parcel company.
Funny enough is that the rim came with DHL on the same day as the seat but i couldn’t change the timeslot on the rim which i did with the seat (both times) and it was delivered at the neighbours.
Also bought new boots, i’ll keep the Sidi Adventure 2 for use with Ragnarok but with Sporherre getting closer to an enduro bike i also had to upgrade to enduro boots for safety reasons and for that reason i also will look for some knee braces. You can do stupid things as long your not doing dumb things and the difference is mostly doing it safe or not.

Then there is something to say about project Africa.
Yesterday i attended Motorbeurs Utrecht, the annual motorcycle convention where i manned the VFROC booth one of the days with a couple other members.
I also have some time for myself and went to the travel section where i spotted some South-Africa focussed booths on my way to the VFROC booth.
The first a visited was a South African guy called Rowland and we had a very good talk.
He provided me with very valuable information and a great option to get in starting what i wanted to do there instead of working metal like i do now.
Don’t get me wrong, i love what i do but i just want to try get a bit more out of life now i still can.
Next month i attend the emigration convention but i don’t think i get even halve the information i got yesterday and certainly not that offer, what that was i won’t tell right now because i first want to look into the feasibility of it.
But i might get some useful information about plan B, South America.

Wednesday i lost Sporherre’s license plate, a risk when riding offroad and Thursday i rode the track slowly hoping to find it but no luck so Friday i had a new one made and fitted because i wanted to take Sporherre to the convention. With the decals it is not just good looking but also a good advertisement for this platform.
Next week i go to a Devin Townsend concert (still have to fine a place to spend the night at walking distance), also have the first VFROC ride that weekend, a wrenching day the weekend after followed by 2 weekends without any plans so hopefully get some things done in and around the house and maybe have some time left to check some things.

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  1. I’m glad your plans for South Africa seem to become more and more real!
    Getting a bit more out of life as long as you can is the right thing. It’s no use waiting forever just to find out some time it’s to late.

  2. Gelijk heb je Ray, haal eruit wat erin zit. Mooi dat je op de beurs de nodige info kon vergaren.
    Grtz ..

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