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I was hoping to at least get something posted once a week but i do have to work in order to pay for all my gear and trips so there’s not every week something exciting to write about.
I do think there is enough going on in my life to write at least a small bit to keep the blog alive.
Feel free to comment if things are too boring and you rather have noting for 3 or 3 weeks, i can handle negative reviews. If not i would not be able to do trips like i do.

Last week i had the weekend to Witteveen for the advanced offroad training with #adventureshield.nl and it was great but i didn’t had the time to edit the video footage into a nice movie. Hope i find some time this week but here is a sneak preview.

Yes, i was the only student so i had one on one lessons from Albert.
The basic and intermediate training are well booked but apparently not a lot of people dare to take on the advanced with bikes this size (but it can be done with lighter bikes).

I didn’t learn just to control Sporherre better but also that not all minor imperfections on the T7 are to keep the cost low on parts that are very often changed anyway but it also has a design flaw which i already knew but now experienced in person.
When you fall on the right side the chances are big you will bend the exhaust hanger pushing the exhaust in and damaging the swingarm.
I kicked it back out but you can do that just so many times before it breaks, a new high mount exhaust will prevent that just like damaging the swingarm when you forget it or are in a situation where you’re not able to kick/bend it back.
At 2/3 of the cost of a swingarm or a fraction of the price of a new frame because the hanger is welded on the frame??? (did i mention design flaw?) it was not what i wanted but the smart move was to order a new exhaust.

It comes with some perks like 2,7kg less weight, 2,2HP extra and 1,4Nm added torque but i thought i was done with spending.
Another thing i thought i didn’t need was the #CamelADV one finger clutch kit but at this level of riding it seems it is not a gimmick so just let it be done and add that last bit to the cart as well. In time i probably figure something out to be improved but with these last parts added when they’re in there is not much i didn’t change and this bike must be damn close to perfection and i really love this bike.

Biggest time consumer last week was the VFROC, yesterday a ride out and last week i had been busy with the Fred Schoenmakers weekend. The registration period has ended but i had to find 2 more participants to get the group discount.
Normally we had an reserve list but this year when i was expecting an even bigger reserve list the opposite was true but i got it and now i’m busy with the puzzle to put everybody in the right room.
It should be ready tonight and then i start a mailing to the participants announcing the next step in the process.

Also been busy with tyres.
You would think that sand is soft and gentle on the tyres but it’s the complete opposite.
On Raganarok i did almost 9000km with the Anakee Wild but that was about 90% onroad, with Sporherre i’m happy to get 4000 out of them and very happy if it gets to 4500 and that’s only half what i need for my ScanBaltic trip.
I want to try the Heidenau K60 Ranger, the K60 Scout is a popular tyre for overlanders because of the crazy lifespan up to 20.000km but it has a centre strip which can be a pain in the but offroad. The Ranger is more like the Anakee Wild and will be wearing out faster but if it just get halve the lifespan of the Scout it’s worth it.
I just don’t like to go on a big trip with a unfamiliar tyre so i hope to get hold on a set very soon to be able to test them.
Otherwise i have to take the gamble with the Anakee Wild hoping the big stint to the North Cape which probably is mostly paved will extend the lifespan enough to get around without the hassle of sourcing a tyre on the road.
Next update i hope will be the story about the training.

Until the next one…

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  1. Mooi verhaal weer Ray, ja hobby’s kosten nu eenmaal geld en soms iets te veel, haha.
    Maar het is jou lust in je leven, dus .. dat wil je, dat doe je.
    Groot gelijk.

    1. I need a Euro spec exhaust and that left me with A Camel ADV which is too expencive and i don’t like the line alongside the bike, the HP Corse and the MIVV which was the cheapest of the 2.

  2. Just keep us up to date on a weekly basis Ray 😅 Your blog is a beacon of sorts. Cheers, Ron

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