Wall of inspiration

Some may wonder where i get my drive and others may question it.
Why do i keep adding plans and how do i come up with the plans?
Well… when i bought my own place after the relationship ended i knew i keep it simple going for a combination between minimalistic and industrial.
Minimalistic because i knew i would be away as much as possible and have to travel minimalistic as well and industrial because of the raw materials.
The first house i went to see was immediately the one i wanted, it just needed some new wallpaper.
It’s a house from 1920 with plenty of living space, a garden with a pond and a garage. I could live with less space but the garage was a necessity.

Time to do a bid which was accepted and then the struggle for the mortgage and that was due to the Covid-19 situation a lot harder than before.
My ex had to get her mortgage worked out first as i could not get one when still owning halve a house with her.
A year and a halve before we broke up (we parted as good friends and still help each other when we need help) i planned my first big motorcycle trip and in the year it should happen Covid entered our world and i have to find a new home.
It didn’t stop me from going but Covid had forced to change my plans ending up with the trip you can find here and probably already read and seen.
I also wrote in that blog that i signed my mortgage papers in Pompeii and being able to travel in these circumstances probably make me able to travel everywhere.

This was an inspiration for a wall that inspires en remind me at the same time…

A 4 meter wide floor to sealing world map with flags pinned to places i visited and a view of where i want to go.
Whenever i visited a special place or made just a stunning picture i will have it printed on canvas with a string to a flag pinned to that location.
I started with a picture from me taken on a hike in the Drakensbergen, South Africa and the same picture you can see on my homepage of Ragnarok on the Stelvio, Italy.
In two months i’ll be back from my next epic journey and i expect to add 2 or 3 more.
After that trip i will slowly start to get some information for my latest plan and if i can make that happen it will be my biggest change in my life and i made some big changes in my life already.

This weekend i planned to do the TET Belgium but corona is still not finished with us and put a cross through that.
It looks like the weather will flush away the alternative plan for tomorrow but lets keep thins positive… every drop that falls now doesn’t fall on my trip in September.
In two weeks i have another long weekend and than i want to clean up Ragnarok en give him a full check for the big trip.

3 Replies to “Wall of inspiration”

  1. Weet je zeker dat je Ragnarok gaat schoonmaken?? ( al weet ik uit eigen ervaring dat het wel nodig is 😉)
    Want als Ragnarok schoon is dan is nieuwe regen niet ver weg , laten we hopen dat resultaten uit het verleden geen garantie is voor de toekomst
    Succes man!!

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