VFROC ride 3, Nijmegen to the dunes

The 2nd of May the third ride of the VFROC was scheduled but this one also was cancelled as an official ride out.
In that case we provide our members with the GPS files via mail (normally they can download them from the site of forum board) and ride it on their own when it suits them.
As usual a few does go on the scheduled date and time as i did.

The club always advise to ride in small groups (5 to 8 riders) and when the rules forbid bigger groups it’s not possible just to limit that amount because coming together at the start would still be illegal.
So some members will ride at the scheduled time and others pick another day but at least we can enjoy the ride.
As the title says this was the third ride out of 9 official tours and here is a short impression of that ride.

I took out a lot of footage because i noticed that riding the dikes is fun as they twist along the rivers which we have a lot coming into our country from Germany and Belgium making their way to the North sea.
Editing the footage i noticed that watching it gets boring quite quickly unlike riding them.
In the video you might notice that not only the dikes go along waterways, we Dutch not only remove or fight water but we also live with the water and even create waterways.
Sometimes for transport and another time for irrigation of the many crops as we are one of the biggest food producers of the world, even though we are also among the smallest country’s of the world.
There is a lot wrong in this country (like most country’s) but there is also a lot to be proud of.

At the moment of this ride the terraces just where allowed to open between 12:00 and 18:00 and when the hospitalizations keep going down like the past week there will be more restrictions taken down and just maybe the next ride can be an official club event again.

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    1. Bedankt weer.
      Ik heb ook beeldmateriaal van afgelopen donderdag (Hemelvaart), Dat was een mooi voorbeeld van plannen zonder plan.
      Alleen nog tijd vinden om het te monteren en de blog te maken.

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