VFROC Fred Schoenmakers weekend 2022

I was fighting to find time to do this blog and i didn’t find the time to do it justice but i wanted to have it done before my trip.
The VFROC and this weekend deserves a better version so forgive me.

Like many events the Fred Schoenmakers weekend did not took place for 2 years but this year it was possible again.
This is the last year i organised the weekend for the club because i stop as a board member at the end of this year after 3 terms totalling 9 years.
Normally we have more applications than places but this year was a struggle to get even the minimum for the group discount and i thought the waiting list might be even longer because of the down time during Covid.

With some afford and a slight bending of the rules we managed and could go to Grevenstein with 42 people.
At the starting point the groups where formed over coffee and the time came to get going.
Off course we had to take the ferry across the river Maas because we want to avoid the main roads as much as possible, they’re no fun to ride.

It was good to be on the road for a long weekend again and we got lucky with the weather too.
Because of the limitation of distance we always end up in Germany but every year in a different region.
Mostly we go to the same place for 2 years with a year in between for change, this time it was 2018 we went here the last time due to Covid.

Day 2 started with rain but that didn’t stop us from starting at the planned time and it didn’t took long to stop raining and it stayed dry until the last day on our way home.
I leave you with 2 other pictures (i often forget to take pictures, especially when i ride in a group) and let the video tell the rest.

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  1. A beautiful trip, despite the weather not always being sunny and dry (that’s an understatement, I know) and wonderful to keep our friend Fred alive in memory this way, too. The video – and your voice over – does tell the story. No pictures needed really. And avoiding the main roads or even motorways is always good, if not only for the angry farmers’ actions taking place everywhere – though not in the weekend 😅 Wishing you a terrific start in the coming weekend, theming one coming up, right?

    1. Thanks, my vacation is started the moment i clocked out at work.
      1% to go on the powerbank and off we go after breakfast.
      I will post a few short blogs along the way like last year.

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