Trial (and error?)

It’s not quite chronological but the Fred Schoenmakersweekend with the VFROC was a bit too much footage to go through the last few weeks.
Instead this is about the weekend after where i planned to do the TET Belgium and test the luggage setup for the ScanBaltic trip as i’ve never ridden with the R80 since i bought it a long time ago for the longer trips.

The second last blog was about the packing of the set and now it’s time to get into that trip…
It was quite a disappointment but still a good and successful one because i learned from it what i wanted and due to the unfortunate weather even a bit more like my tent is waterproof but i need to pay a little attention when i set him up.
I didn’t have enough tension on the closed side causing the outer layer touch the inner layer and with heavy rain condensation will form and water will come in even when the tent is perfectly fine.
Also the Klim gear is not waterproof on long and heavy exposure any more and it’s not the fault of the Goretex® laminate but more the abuse from my side i guess.
It has a 5 year warranty but several crashes and run inns with flora will void that.

I knew the weather was going to be an issue but unlike last year i didn’t decide to skip the Belgium TET because of the weather i hoped for the best but accepted it and have to be grateful as it might safe me from bad moments on the real trip.
But what about when this happens on the Scanbaltic trip you might ask?
Well, it’s a real big difference to be on the road far from home exploring and get to new places. You also don’t have a choice and just focus on all the good things instead of moaning about the weather.
This trip was not TET worthy and even though the linesmen did a good job in avoiding the Belgium concrete jungle and providing some nice to beautiful scenery i just wanted to do some offroading.
I work 3km as the crow flies from Belgium and live 16km that way from it so i can still do the rest at any given weekend if i want to.

The South Netherlands part i didn’t do yet gave me all the feedback i needed regarding the feel off the weighted bike offroad.
Where i picked this part up started with my nemesis, loose sand, but that went all well and in hindsight i think i would be able to go a lot faster. The exploration day with Jeffrey learned that is just is better to slow down sometimes.
In this part i also came across some single track and a fallen tree on that trail provided something that gave me the chance to see what strange movements do with the bike.

After the TET Belgium i think we do have some beautiful offroad options and i just hope the selfish bunch among us will find out that they’re not only destroying the fun for the majority that does mind the other people on the tracks but also for themselves.
More and more offroad is getting closed for Motorbikes and luckily the MAG has taken this also on but in the end it’s only us who can stop the regulation madness.
Loud is out and just go slow passing pedestrians and extra slow with animals, it really does help how people see us.

Sum up from what i learned this weekend and what i did.
– Need to pay attention to setting up the tent.
– Bike feels great even with the extra weight i did manage to keep pretty low i think.
– Gear is not waterproof any more. Have already small packing rain pants and bought a Rev’it Rain Smock Barrier.
– Need a little extra space, not to take more but to be able to pick up some grocery’s. Bought a 4L molle pouch from Mosko Moto.
– Have to try to figure out how to improve audio on the Insta360, you’ll see in the video what i mean.
– Already knew the Arai is bad in wet conditions. The Nolan was due for a change (age) anyway so i bought the Nolan N70-2 X which i thought will we the best compromise between the Arai X4 tour and the Nolan N104.
– My dinerplate is too large. Had it lying around but in this setup the size is too much off from the rest of the cooking gear. Bought a smaller one.
– Took a hoody but figured the Gerbing jacket can also be used as an evening jacket and is about the same thickness as the hoody and it even doesn’t look bad.

Still have to try to execute my idea for the microphones but try to get that done somewhere this week and hope i will find some time to do the FS weekend but i also have the St Joseph run (handicaped people in sidecars/trikes) this Saturday and prepare Sporherre for the trip.
All the parts except the exhaust are in and still own a house that needs some attention, dirt is to play in… not to live in.
Let’s end again with some pictures and the video… until the next one.

4 Replies to “Trial (and error?)”

  1. This all comes across as an extremely educational experience, Ray. Lessons that will certainly come in handy when you drive to those northern pastures…

    1. I hope so, that’s why i do trials when i make big changes.
      And a new motorcycle with all new luggage can be considered as a big change i guess.

  2. Mooi Ray, je vraagt “is hij niet prachtig”? nou ik vind van wel, een prachtfiets is het zo, heel mooi met jou logo erop, echt gaaf.
    Een leerzaam weekend, top.

    1. Thanks.
      Ondertussen lijkt het erop dat mijn uitlaat toch op tijd binnen gaan zijn. Is zojuist aangemeld bij DHL.

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