Too much noise

People have less tolerance nowadays and one big issue is the noise from motorcycles.
A lot of dike roads are closed because of it and also a lot of dirt roads.
The exhaust on Ragnarok is changed for a LeoVince and in the first place for the looks but it also has a nice dark sound but at the same time less decibels than the OEM one.
Ecstasy is a big bore single cylinder bike and those do make more noise and on this bike i changed the OEM exhaust for the weight.
It’s an UK brand (Carbon Can) and was advertised as “street legal” but without an E stamp and certificate. First mounted it was about the same loudness as the OEM but it seemed to get louder and on the offroad weekend there where some remarks about it (still waiting for some pictures to start the blog about that weekend but it will come).
So this week i bought some damper wool with the idea of adding some and try to make it a bit less noisy.
Next Saturday (10th of July) i have an appointment to remap my Power Commander and wanted to “fix” the exhaust before that to get the best result.
When i drilled out the rivets and took the can apart it turned out the dampening material was burned out almost completely… that enplanes the noise.

Everything in the middle is completely gone.
I have no idea if it is because the bike runs too hot or that the standard dampening material was just inferior to keep the price of the exhaust low as it was a bit of an budget buy.
Hopefully the new map cam be a bit cooler when that was the issue. I thought it ran a bit rich which should be cooler but maybe as i thought it consumed a bit more petrol with the mapping the PC came with it was in fact running leaner. We’ll see.

It’s a small job but i didn’t repack it jet as i’m still thinking to add an extra perforated tube hoping to reduce the sound a bit more and maybe keeping the dampening material from burning out so fast again.
Around 6000km it took to end up like this and i was not planning to repack the exhaust 2 times a year.
Another thought is to change the Db killer.
I have the whole week to make up my mind and get it done but Friday it has to be back on the bike so i give myself until Wednesday.

With the Reckless 80 and the Scout 30L duffel i can take everything i need to camp but i decided to make a last investment to give me just a little play with my space.
I’m still waiting for the Aux Pox to be available again to complete the R80 set.
The investment was a new mattress, when i bought the one i had there was no plans yet to take offroading to this level and i found the price of the models with the small packing sizes way too high but now i realized it is worth it and bitten the bullet yesterday.

There was one smaller but overall this was the better buy as it is self inflatable and has a better R rating (insulation value) with just 20 grams more weight and not that much bigger packing size.
This one also provides at least a little bit of comfort when it start leaking.

4 Replies to “Too much noise”

  1. Leuk verhaal weer, succes met de uitlaat en jou kennende gaat het lukken. En zo zie je maar weer dat een in eerste instantie goedkoper optie niet altijd de beste is.
    Ben benieuwd hoe het met de uitlaat verder gaat ;-).

    1. Maar €400 verschil kan me wel een klusje waard zijn.
      Nieuwe demperwol was €15 en €6 voor nieuwe popnagels, de rest is een kwestie van een beetje tijd.
      Met €400 ben ik bijna een week onderweg naar Afrika 😉

        1. Ah… oké.
          Maar je moet er even aan denken dat ik toen al flink had gespendeerd aan een nieuwe tent en de tassenset plus dat ik een nieuw thuis moest zoeken.
          Ik wilde het eerst nog doen met het alu matje tot ik die vrij betaalbare zag die toch enigszins redelijk compact was.

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