Time for an update

The first things changed on Sporherre, i took the double take mirrors of Ecstasy and mounted them on Sporherre just as the Osco Oiler for the chain.
The GPS mount is fixed properly and is powered up just as a USB socket for which i had to take off the complete front of the bike to get it placed in the place Yamaha had prepared already.
The passenger steps are removed and a crashbar is installed. That was a lower and upper bar and i had the lower set send back but when i got a new set back and i wanted to see how it will be mounted i discovered it might not work with the after-market skid-plate.
I will look in to that at a moment a have to remove it anyway.

Already was looking for a way to ad some orange to make it mine as that colour became my signature accent colour when i overhauled the VTEC and i found a way… and what a way…
That is something you have to wait for to see but i promise it will be awesome.
I have to sell Ecstasy before i can do crazy stuff but at the same time there are some important investments that might safe me a lot of money, that’s why i bought the crashbars and also why i already changed the flimsy plastic hand-guards for a set Barkbusters.
With that i ordered some nylon screws for the front fork protectors and a kit to change the screws for the front seat so i can take that off without tools because the fusebox is placed under the front seat.
The plastic screws are a replacement for the steel OEM. There are cases where people had the forks destroyed in a fall or by scraping some rocks. The bold doesn’t break but it will tear off the part where the bold screws in as the aluminium is the weaker part, the nylon just will tear it’s head of. Not worth risking for €0,66 per set so i ordered 3 sets.

The dashboard of the T7 already has a nickname, Wobbly head. And the GPS mount is also not strong enough which can be solved with some brackets so those are ordered and i came across a cheap tail tidy to get rid of the pie scoop. Both thing i could make myself but not for that kind of money, i would earn more as overtime pay in the time i spend to only get things measured.
Last investment is probably the most important, some adjustable levers.
The OEM are too long for 1 or 2 finger use and too far of the handlebar to have proper control with my short fat fingers and loosing control can cause a crash.
Yes, i will crash and that why i invested in crash protection but crashing because of lack of control is way more dangerous and more likely on higher speeds.

Last part of the update is that i started with the footage from the Balkan trip.
Besides time i also was overwhelmed by the amount of video’s so today i started with a quick look at them to see if it’s useful. If not i remove it and if yes i rename it and put it on a list where i have an overview from what day it is.
For the footage from the Hero 8 it’s not the biggest problem because that one is connected to the phone and takes the date from there after running out of power but the Hero 3+ doesn’t and i don’t set the date every time it went of power. That would be every time i turn of the bike.
When i get through that it will be much easier to turn it into 5 or 6 movies around 15 minutes each.
Just a few pictures from the work on Sporherre to end this blog.

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