This isn’t… is it?…

When i was removing some covers to get to the brake lines to change as i told in my previous blog i also took one cover of which was not needed but it did draw my attention.
Behind that cover was the reservoir for the coolant (anti freeze) and it did not show any coolant and when i got to the front to change the pads i saw this dent and i thought “hell no… this can’t be happening at this point…”.
But first things first, it’s Sunday and i can’t do anything about that at this moment so fix what is broken for sure and then focus on the new possible problem.

The tyres are mounted and balanced and that means the brake pads are in as well, one of the last 2 free days before i leave so no time to waste and get Ragnarok finished.
Before i put the new pads in the calipers need a good cleaning as i am not the washing and polishing type, mostly i wash them only when they need work or when i encountered too much mud.
After the salty wintertime i also try to take time to give them a good clean and then i also do the calipers.
I do take good care of the bikes and that doesn’t show always but it does when you have to work on them. You will notice that all nuts and bolts will come loose without any afford (unless the tread is covered in sand on a hard to reach spot).
The calipers came out pretty nice with just some degreaser and a brush, just some brake dust in some edges took some extra attention.

It was a good timing to change the pads too.
It is normal with Honda’s with the DCBS (Dual Combined Braking System) that the left side wears faster than the right as the middle piston on the left calipers is connected to the rear brake.
Strange enough my right side was worn more then the left? See the difference on the left picture, on the right the difference between the better side compared to the new.

After finishing both sides and putting the wheel back in it was time for the rear of the bike.
Same story about the cleaning but a nasty surprise when i wanted to take the new pads out of the package… The wrong type…

I immediately contacted my supplier and the next day (not an opening day of the shop) he replied and admitted his mistake (mixed up some numbers) and would send me the right set that day.
For testing the other work i just putted the old pads back and will change them when the proper model is in.
Today (the next day) they where in and with these calipers i could exchange them without taking it of the bike making it a 5 minute job.

In the mean time i was facing a possible bigger problem which could jeopardise my trip again, but this time it wouldn’t be just changing the destination.
The ride to work on Monday was the test ride and checking the brakes was the first thing but after that i had the focus on the temperature gauge.
If i had a leak the system is empty or contains a lot of air. Empty would mean there would not appear any blocks (5 in total, 2 and 3 are normal depending on the situation) anytime soon as the sensor measures the coolant and there is nothing to measure when there is no coolant. It will get some reading at some point from the engine heat.
In case of a partially filled system the other part is air and in that case it’s disco on the dash not reading anything when the airpocket hits, a lot of heat with a small pocket of coolant and less heat in an increased volume of coolant.

The first signs are good, the first block comes at the right moment and the second as well and it stayed with two blocks showed until i got to work.
Sitting in front of the gate idling waiting for it to open the third block came up just as expected.
On the way back i picked up some coolant from the store (luckily they’re open from 9 ’till 21) and it just needed about halve a litre.
The next day another check and after 2 cycles it’s still on level meaning during the probably 97k/km but at least 78k/km halve a litre vaporised or just leaked out via the overflow in one or more of the moments Ragnarok was on his side and the dent in the radiator is just the louvres pushed in… phew…

Next step is packing and making sure i have everything, at least everything i cannot buy cheap and easily on my way but most of it sits semi organised in my spare bedroom.
I just need to check it in time to have the opportunity to buy anything i may need.

Owh yeah…
Now he’s back together it’s clear he needed some orange in the back, even if it is just this little. And yes, he still needs that proper cleaning but i’m just finished.

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    1. Thanks. Just standard maintenance but mostly a bit spread out over the year, some parts where needed and others on edge and i don’t mind edges but rather no unnecessary risks on these kind of trips.

  1. Mooi verhaal weer, was even spannend zo een paar dagen voor je vertrek.
    Nogmaals, en fijne trip wens ik je Ray.

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