The work continues

Life is back to regular, yes regular because my life never will be normal i think and that’s fine for me.
That also means i didn’t just sat around.
The day before i left the Rapid Bike Evo for Sporherre came in and it was hard but i made a wise decision for a change and did not installed it right away. It was a tank off job and i wanted to do another mod the first time i had the tank off so to many risk of ending up in the middle of the night with a probable run in with my friend Murphy.
A risk i could not take also because the ferry was booked for the next day.

I was back on Thursday and Friday i went for sparkplugs because the tank had to come off and he almost had 24.000km on the odo which would be the time to change them. Before the trip it was just too far away to already change them but now it turned out to be a good thing i didn’t installed the RB, saved me another tank removal.
I made a video with a time-laps but didn’t had time to do something with it, maybe i will add it later to this blog but for now you’ll have to do with a few pictures.

Friday after getting the sparkplugs i went to work to check if there was anything special because my colleague was going on his vacation and then for grocery’s, always nice the have fresh food in the fridge.
After that it was time to get rid of all the dirt and work on a reasonable clean bike.
Saturday i installed the RB, changed the sparkplugs and removed the charcoal cannister.
Sunday it was time for a test ride and it turned out there was a new TET section in the Netherlands here in the south.
A member of the Tenere700 forum ( from Germany mentioned it there that he wanted to ride it. Since he’s a beginner he had some questions and i decided to check part of it during my test ride.
Made some warning points for him and also a few changes and mailed 2 of them to the Linesmen of the TET NL.
The rest of the new section will be tested soon as it is in my front yard.

As i mentioned i had 2 long weeks at work so no time for editing yet.
Before i started washing Sporherre i removed some weeds from the backyard and today i finished that job because it grew like crazy when i was away and i also had some pruning waste to chop that was sitting for months already.
I did made a start with the footage. GoPro makes smaller video’s when you record for a longer time and numbers them not in order like 10501 and then 10502 but makes 20501 of it. The next video you start will be the 10502 so i renamed all the clips from the GoPro to have them all in a following order.
Last time i had some problems with the overview costing a lot of time because there was a third part i missed.

I also discovered some problem with the sound at some point, didn’t looked into it but it seems like my mike modification failed. Not sure if a cable broke or if the mediamod did suffer from the rain because i was not able to stop right away every time when it started and sadly the mediomod is not waterproof.
Next week is another 6 day workweek and after that i hope to start with the editing.
I also installed new editing software which hopefully works a bit faster but to find out i first have to learn to work with it… you never find anything better if you never try something else.
Just like the tyres, the Heidenau K60 Ranger set is finally on its way and will be here probably tomorrow but first i have to finish the Mitas E07 i bought in Tallinn.

4 Replies to “The work continues”

  1. Leuk Ray, je hebt genoeg te doen lees ik al wel. De filmpjes en foto’s bekijken en verwijderen wat niet interessant is, daar ben ik ook mee bezig 🙈 het kost tijd maar oké.
    Het is nu al leuk voor je, Sporherre klaarmaken voor de volgende periode.
    Grtz Peter

    1. Sporherre is nu zo goed als klaar. Volgende week even een vaatje olie van 20L bestellen en hopen dat het uitkomt dat het op zaterdag geleverd wordt.
      Dan Sporherre weer voorzien van verse olie want dan staat er wel weer 10.000 op en dan is Ragnarok aan de beurt voor wat onderhoud.

  2. Herkenbaar. Never a dull moment. So much to do – and so little time to do it. Maar gestaag voortgang boeken is ook hier de remedie, of je nu op de (al dan niet verharde) weg zit of digitaal op reis bent…

    1. Volgende trip staat al gepland, Discover Overland.
      Een weekend voor en door overlanders met workshops en delen van ervaringen.
      Het is wel een hele wereldreis om er te komen, maar liefst 15km maar ik rij er wel even aan voorbij om mijn stuk bos van de dagelijkse route te pakken om er zo vanaf de andere kant te komen.
      Kan ik tenminste zeggen dat ik er offroad ben gekomen 😂

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