The first reason for this trip

Let’s try to update now and then on the road…

The make up is already not working how i want on the phone but i will keep it short anyway.

The first day was mostly highway and i had a lot of rain plus a detour less than 150km from the end of that section. The hotel i planned was not available at the moment i wanted to book it and ended up in a motel on the edge of the same town. I had to walk 1.5km to a restaurant but i don’t mind a walk and i ended up at a table with some locals and had a good time.

Day 2 started dry and even some sunshine now ant then when i entered Hungary. That was the best of this day because this part of the country was not very exiting. Lake Balaton should be a highlight but most of it was obscured by trees and a railway, such a shame. Even a restaurant to have lunch with a view on the lake was not to be found. Some maybe’s but not worth turning around as they al had strange entrenches from the main road. At least there was a good restaurant just around the corner of the B&B in Szeged where i stayed.

Today i entered Romania. The first hour was a bit like Hungary but thrown even further back in time but soon the nature got better. With nature it is a good thing when you end up back in time. The roads also got nicer… not always better but at least fun. Even ended up offroadAfter this it went to brand new asphalt and after that to muddy Cley. Good thing i started with a fresh set Anakee Adventures because they would not cut it worn out and i probably still be wrestling to get out but i made it. It was unexpected and for that type of offroad i bought Ecstasy. Glad i did the courses, that gave me the confidence to just keep going at the muddy part. According to the GPS it was just a kilometre. After that i just had enough curves to clean the tyres for the start of one of the reasons to do this trip… The Transalpina. Tomorrow i’ll take on the pass but the first part a already did to get to the hotel for this night.

The Transalpina, Transfagarasan and the Bicaz gorge where the reasons to come to Romania, the rest was added when i made it into a trip.

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