The channel is still alive

It’s been quiet but just because of lack of items.
There was a unofficial ride with the VFROC but the weather was not the best and filming would be just a waste of time but we had fun anyway.

Today i finally had the time and weather to test the new camera and the new mounting of the old.
I have a route home with some offroad and also an extended version and now i did the extended version. Tomorrow i have to be home in time so then i’ll do the direct version but will do another test, this time with the mediamod added to the GoPro 8.

I already took a quick peek and the setup for the old one (Hero 3+) is too wobbly so i have to figure out a solution for that.
After the test tomorrow i have some material to edit and share the two ways home.

The weekend following Ascension Day is normally the VFROC weekend but with a locked up Germany this will most likely be cancelled again.
In that case i probably will go do the TET Belgium as that country is back open since last Sunday night, that was already on my to do list for this year.
Wednesday the 28th we have the first step to reopen the country, a day too late because the 27th it is Kingsday but i have something planned anyway.
So there are things to come and hopefully nicer weather to go with those plans.

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    1. Dat dacht ik ook, je moet hoe dan ook af en toe wat plaatsen maar vandaag net weer een echte blog met filmpje geplaatst 😎

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