The bikes got names

I never cared for names for a bike but i also never cared for blogs and now i have my own.
Time change, people change… oh, okay. I don’t think i’m changed, at least not much.
Maybe i should say i grew.

Just like i talked about in my introduction how i got single again but i have to be honest, she helped me grow.
I was terrible with money. My motto was better die with a 100 grand debt than that amount in de bank. Still have the same idea but the reality is that it’s better to have a little savings for when something happens.
Because of that i could buy the CT the same day i got the old bike back after i crashed it and decided that it was economical totalled.
When i met her i also discovered that i like travelling, before i always thought it was a waste of money and now i already start planning the next trip before i went on the last trip.

Okay, back to the names.
At the forum of the Honda VFR Ownersclub Nederland there is a topic about names for the bikes which got reanimated a few days ago.
I’m a big fan of Itchy Boots (@ItchyBootsTrav) and she also names her bikes. The both together made me think that it might be nicer for a blog than the model markings.

The XTZ did name itself actually. When you speak those letters in English it says eXTeZe or Ecstasy. When you take a bike offroad you get in to trouble one way or the other which is scary for the one but exhilarating for the other, it brings you in ecstasy in other words.

The Crosstourer was not that easy and it’s a big black bike with a lot of power so it had to be a powerful name but still had some meaning.
I’m not religious but somehow the Scandinavian mythology intrigues me and the north is one of my two bucketlist trips where i started with before it became possible to make a big trip every year.
I decided to go with Ragnarok which means “Faith of the gods” or Twilight of the Gods” and to make it a bit more personal the first letters “Rag” can refer to the Dutch word “raggen” which can be described as a few things and one of them is driving/riding like crazy.
So, from now on i will use Ecstasy and Ragnarok when i talk about the bike.

When i ride back from work i mostly ride the small roads and when i’m with Ecstasy i like to take some offroad to practice and get used to the behaviour of the bike in different situations. Sadly al lot of dirt roads are closed for bikes and cars but the reason of closing it for cars is a false one. When they exclude cars which wouldn’t be coming there a lot in the first place also it doesn’t show that it is to just keep us away. My number one thing for the next meeting with the MAG to get that on the agenda too.
I had a few km’s of sand-road but not very difficult, even after rain but now i have a single track added to the route which can bring some challenges when wet or too dry.

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