The Balkan trip in a few numbers

The total amount of kilometres according to the trip-log was 7474km in 18 days, just over 500 pictures and about 280Gb footage from the GoPro’s and 20 border crossings to enter 16,5 different countries.
…. Wait a minute…. 16 and a HALVE????

There was an unexpected border-crossing into a country called Transnistria. I had to Google it and it turned out it is only recognised by three other countries which are also not recognised, in essence it’s a non existing country but i had to cross a border so i count it as a halve 😎

When i started uploading the GoPro footage to the computer i ran out of storage space and also the NAS was at the limit so i had to order some new HDD’s. The first is now being installed and tomorrow the second will be done.
After that i can slowly start sorting everything out and try to put it in some 15 to 20 minute movies.
It will take some time to get it all done as normal life already started 2 days ago.
For the VFR club i have to get started on the calendar for next year (has to be done halve-way November) and depending on the Covid restrictions of new freedoms i need to work on the safety department of the Christmas Truckrun.
I hope i can make a episode every few weeks.
To end with some numbers as well….

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  1. Mooi hoor, succes Ray. Het zal best wel een hoop werk zijn dat uitzoeken van de foto’s, filmpjes en aantekeningen.
    Ben erg benieuwd.

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