Still corona, what next?

As i explained in my word of welcome i also share some of my work as a volunteer and sometimes the topics cross with my daily life, this week it was one of those times.

For this topic i think i have to explain my thoughts about the Covid-19 situation.
Good thing i don’t have much followers because it’s not the most popular in this world full of snowflakes so not may people to walk away.
On the other side, after explaining it might make sense after all.

I love nature. A lot op people today think you have to be a vegan but humans are omnivores and that means we eat meat.
We are also just mammals and just like all mammals we should live by the number one rule of mother nature, survival of the fittest.
That rule keeps the species strong and the numbers in balance but we humans think we’re better and that doesn’t apply to us.
When an animal delivers 3 baby’s but can feed just two the weakest is thrown out of the nest making sure the other two survive at full strength. If not all three may loose their lives or end up to weak to reproduce the next strong generation if they don’t loose their lives after all.
We humans can’t accept that and feel the need to help the weak to survive making the species weaker with every generation. The intelligence which made that possible is draining away also with every generation and the movie “Idiocracy” is becoming more of a documentary than a comedy when you look at he actions our species take nowadays.

With that we also created a huge overpopulation and several environmental problems we try to fight with one stupid idea after the other, all short term thinking as a base when even an average person with just a little logic can see it’s ending up with more problems in a decade or two than it solves now.
Meanwhile mother nature tries to reduce the population back to a balanced amount with new deceases, the plague, Spanish flu, aids, cancer and now corona adding some natural disasters in the mix too.
But no, where not accepting that and fighting the new virus with even more resources than we ever did and guess what?
Again short term thinking. Regular care is put aside to save people from corona but when that problem is away people start dying from cancer and other regular deceases discovered too late. The economy has been shut down which will leave a mark as well with probably a lot of suicides from people not able to cope with losing everything because they’re fired or lost their business.

So yes, i’m against all the nonsense the governments worldwide tell but i cannot do anything about it.
I comply with the rules and respect the opinions from others even though i think it’s a result of weakness and i expect the same respect from everyone while i look for the edge of freedom to take as much out of my life as possible. I can’t see the future so i don’t want to waste my time now to take a change on having time to do everything later in life.
Like i said, survival of the fittest. I believe i will survive corona being one of those “fittest” but i accept it if i’m not, that is how i love nature.
All the problems we face is not the result of what we do but with how many we do it.

Now it’s time for the topic.
Last week i picked up something about the EU planning some kind of vaccination passport for free travel. This week the Netherlands expected that by July everybody who wants to be vaccinated can have their first injection.
I think that passport is a violation of privacy and i don’t want a vaccination.
Problem is that governments do whatever they want and when they cover each-other rules don’t apply any more.
I just got into the position to explore the world on motorcycle and i don’t want to give that up already so when i get the massage that i can get the vaccine i probably will.
When i’m positive i will survive corona a vaccine won’t be a problem anyway but i don’t like being forced to do something i don’t want to be free.
It’s like be taking hostage.

With the VFROC (Honda VFR Ownersclub Netherlands) we also had to make a decision involving corona.
Sunday the touring season is starting again. Last year we had an anniversary, the VFROC existed 25 years and to celebrate that i had a special plan for the tours.
Normally we have 9 tours al over the country all ending close to where we started.
This time i wanted to connect all tours to make a big circle instead of 9 small circles calling it “Rondje Nederland” (Round across the Netherlands) but then corona entered our country and everything was brought to a halt.

Later on we where able to organize some tours again thinking it will be over soon but when planning my vacation signs of a second wave popped up, that story is to be read in the earlier blogs. The last tours of 2020 also have to be cancelled when the second wave landed here and that second wave was taking a long time compared to the first. It’s even still going with a curfew as well.
Time to make some important decisions for the tours this year, thinking everything will be back to normal we moved our anniversary rides to this year.

Curfew is from 21:00 till 4:30 and during the day we still have some freedom but events are not allowed. Organizing a tour as a club is an event but we still decided to make the idea happen.
When there are limitations we provide our members with the GPS files to ride as individuals, when they coincidentally meet at the starting point they’re allowed to ride together (we always ride in smaller groups) anyway.
When it’s allowed the ride will be organized as usual.
There will be a present for everybody who ride all tours and that is also covered, they only have to provide me with some pictures as a prove they rode the tours that where not officially organized in the timeslot they’re given to keep it exclusive.

We hope it will end soon but in de mean time we adapt and make the best of in within the freedom that’s left.

2 Replies to “Still corona, what next?”

  1. Helemaal mee eens Ray, ik zie het minder zwart/wit als jij maar zeker hebben we raakvlakken.
    Goed geschreven, mooi verhaal!

    1. Het is niet zwart/wit maar gewoon hoe het is.
      Er zijn mensen met een geestelijke vrijheid en met intelligentie maar weinig mensen die beide bezitten en het ook kunnen kanaliseren.

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