Sporherre’s new jacket

Like i mentioned Sporherre would get a new look.
After some delay and a wrong print last Thursday i got the corrected stickers in.
I had to hold myself not to start already as it was dark outside and i didn’t planned my lighting in the living room for working on the bikes.
I do have a floodlight on a stand but that would cast a shadow and i know myself, when i start i want to finish it risking mistakes and not a lot of sleep that night.

Today i put my alarm an hour early and after breakfast i started with the left side which took about 2 hours.

I wanted to see howe it looks with the crashbar so i put that side on.

After a coffee break i started on the right side, i already turned the bike around exposing the other side to the light from the window.
The fitment on this side was i bit off making it harder and quite a challenge but the practise on the first side helped and i finished a bit faster.
After throwing the backing paper from the stickers away i put the crashbars back on and i looked if i could find a way to put the Reckless 40 bags on, the Stinger 8 i had as tailpack is a bit small.
With the tail tidy i did have a place to put the back straps around, not perfect but this gives me a bit more time to fabricate a proper mounting point on which i also can strap the Reckless 80 on.
Tomorrow i have the last ride of the season with the VFROC and i want to do that with Sporherre to get the feel of a long day on his saddle and i have to fill him up because the gas station is closed when i leave in the morning.
Ready to go…

And of course… i couldn’t just go to the gas station and made him dirty already.
It was slippery in the wet forest but it had the right colours to match Sporherre’s new jacket.

Tonight the last details for the deadline of the club magazine, tomorrow the ride and then i should have time to start with the travel blogs.

4 Replies to “Sporherre’s new jacket”

  1. Heel heel gaaf, jeetje wat vind ik het mooi. Zeker dat logo van je, vind ik nog steeds bijzonder.
    Een plaatje, een elegante verschijning is het zo.

    1. Bedankt weer.
      Morgen kan je hem life bewonderen.
      M’n volgers zonder X versie vonden dat ik al snel over de drempels ging, die kunnen morgen hun lol op want met Sporherre geef ik nog gas bij.

  2. Hey Ray,
    Wat een prachtige stoere bike is het man!
    Vandaag even bekeken,echt een beauty!

    Ik houd het blog in de gaten 😉

    Gr Rob

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