Sporherre broke down

This week was crazy, Tuesday i had the meeting with the guys who take over my work for the Christmas Truckrun, Wednesday something bad happened at work at one of the worst moments in already a difficult time plus i had an appointment at the barber after work and another meeting with the whole Christmas truckrun organisation.
With the standard long Monday it where three long days and Thursday on the way home sporherre showed a red light on the dash… that means stop immediately!

The light was the overheating warning so i started looking around for reasons why that happened.
I was going quite full on because it was the first time in daylight with the new tyres and i wanted to test them properly now i didn’t have to be somewhere with barely time to have diner.
It didn’t took me long to spot the coolant all over the left side including my boots and pants but where is it coming from?
A known weak point is the water pump but that sits on the right and i have a protective cover fitted.
Second scary part because of the costs is the radiator but that seems dry and if something happens with that it’s most likely in the middle.
On the left is the coolant reservoir and everything points at that part but it had coolant in it and no cracks…. strange.

I don’t have road assistance because i never needed it and most things i can fix myself.
For now i had it cooled down and i was hoping i could get home by going easy but after 2km it was too hot again.
New plan was walk a bit until i had a better place to wait for it to cool down completely.
When i fount that place it also had a light post so while waiting i did some more research and i spotted a disconnected hose, that would explain the coolant and it was right behind the reservoir.
That’s why i always carry my toolkit, also because i tend to make a spontaneous detour when i have time and the weather is nice so i took it out and started fixing the hose.
Remember when i thought my oil cooler had a crack? I guess when i had that apart i didn’t properly put the clamp clip back if i didn’t forget it completely.

Just when i was at the point to put the covers back on a car stopped.
A guy living in Germany about 5km from there got out to check if he could help, he also had a motorcycle but didn’t ride it very much.
As i fixed the real problem my first thought was to get some water to get home but he offered to get me some coolant so i don’t need to flush the system since there was no reason to take it apart again.
He even asked what kind i had in it and went of to a shop in the first town a few kilometres down the road.
When he got back he even didn’t want me to pay for it.
That’s exactly why i’m not afraid to go on those long trips all by myself.
People tend to look for all the bad, reading the news and searching the internet for all kinds of crap around the world but the fact is there are more people like this good Samaritan than people who cause all the news items.
Thursday this guy was my hero and when i get the chance i will pay it forward and help others like i did before, that’s how i like the world to be because if you want to improve the world you have to start with yourself.
And think about it, the internet is full of memes and video’s where bad things happen to bad people with the capture “karma” but karma doesn’t mean when you do bad, bad will happen to you but it means what goes around comes around and that can be good as well.

So, it was a though week but it was all forgotten with this gesture by a total stranger taking some time and afford to help a total stranger.

6 Replies to “Sporherre broke down”

  1. Precies zo denk ik er ook over, verander de wereld maar begin bij jezelf. Ook ik heb die ervaring tijdens het alleen reizen met de motor, je bent nooit alleen en hulp is er altijd in de nabijheid.
    Mooi om te lezen Ray, bedankt.

    1. Bedankt weer maar waar ik kom is dat niet altijd het geval maar daarom ga ik op plekken waar dat wel is wat verder met pushen.
      Tijdens een reis had ik wel water bij me gehad om tot een plek te komen waar is het goed had kunnen fixen.

  2. In ‘A streetcar named desire’ Blanche Dubois utters the most wonderful last words ever used in a novel: “I’ve always depended on the kindness of strangers”. I firmly believe that one will reap whatever one sows – and your specific type of openness and your reaching out to others has now been answered. And rightfully so 🤗

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