Something unexpected came along

As you might know i’m active on some forums, i like model specific forums to find information about the bike(s) and sometimes they are also fun to post on.
From the VFR forum i ended up as a full club member and 2 weeks later i was in the administration of the VFROC.
Later on when i bought Ragnarok i got to the Crosstourer forum and when i bought Ecstasy i was shortly member of the Tenere Netherlands club to get access to the forum but that one i really didn’t like.

Now i have Sporherre, a Yamaha Tenere 700 or T7 i also looked for a forum and it had also a nice group of members in the likes of those on de VFR forum.
That forum was offline since the day before yesterday and i thought it would be an update thing and when it took a bit long i just figured it might had some issues.
Today however i learned the owner of that forum pulled the plug without any notification and/or thanks to the participants and moderators.
I knew he wanted to sell the forums (he had more i think, all about bikes with the Yamaha CP2 engine) but ending it just like this with just 2 lines on Facebook….?

I don’t do social media other than the forums and this site with the YouTube to embed the video’s here but one of the members of the tenere700 forum contacted me trough this site and he told me about those 2 lines on Facebook.
I just got of the phone with him and we registered and with the plan and hopes to fill the void that is left behind.
It might take a few weeks to set it up but if you have a Tenere 700 or know someone who owns one let him/her know there is a new place in the making.
I’m in the process of ending all volunteer activities so it is a bit contradictory to start something new but this has no hard and fixed timeline, is international and can be done from anywhere at any time.

Just when i thought i don’t have anything to share…
Have a nice weekend, i will make good use of it.
I will go visit JJ Suspension in Mill tomorrow to see what options i have to upgrade the suspension on Sporherre.
It is not bad, quite good to be honest but it is set up for a 75kg person.
I am but naked and i always ride in full gear. I also always have my toolkit with me and a first aid kit adding 15 to 20kg (don’t underestimate full riding gear) so it is on the far side of the limit.
The servicing of the OEM rear shock is also a possible problem and with the current supply chain problems with Yamaha it is more likely a certain problem.
Not going to buy something before Ecstasy is sold but i want to know what options i have and what the price tags are, i like to have that part sorted before my ScanBaltic trip.
Remember that it is three weeks needing full camping gear and all else i need adding even more weight.

Hope the forecast is right, it is time to put Ecstasy up for sale again.
The last time he got removed because i put him in the parts section to avoid the fee and i didn’t put him up again because it was not the right season but if the weather is going to be nice i might luck out and can the suspension sorted before the offroad training.
Until the next one….

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  1. Mooi verhaal, je blijft ook maar bezig hé. Maar dat moet je ook niet willen veranderen, dat is de Ray die ik ken.
    fijn weekend.

    1. I think all is lost.
      Duncman and i are setting up a new forum as i type this which we will run and pay for together.
      I think he saved some of his content via the cache but mainly we have to start all over.
      I’ll post a blog when where going live.

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