Some upgrades for Sporherre

Still waiting for the handlebar i get form the dealer under warranty but it’s still in backorder at Yamaha.
I had some other parts for the front forks i wanted to install when i replace the handlebar but i decided not to wait for that any longer.
Also had my chainguard in so time for some work.

Left is the chainguard, middle are the neoprene fork-protectors , right under speed bleeders and right above a LED bar but that is for when my new Heavy Duty Enduro crashbars are in.
Yes, you read it correct. I bought the Motea crashbar set when i didn’t knew about the existence of the HD enduro and after a few weeks of thinking and doubting i decided to go for it. When i have them and installed them i will update you and explain why i did went for it.

First i started with the simple job of installing the chainguard.
This item will avoid the chain getting off when a branch get wedged in between or something like that and it protects the sprocket when the rear wheel slides of a rock or so.
I opted for the Acerbis version.
Mounting it was simple, just 3 bolts with 2 spacers to get the mounting bracket in place, then 2 bolts to mount it on the swingarm. The tapped holes are already there because Yamaha also has an OEM version in the accessory catalogue.
Tip: Run a tap (M6) in the holes to clear the thread from sand and other blockages you picked up in the time the holes just been there.
On the bottom of the guard is a cap to close the chain in which is held in place by 4 Allen head bolts. I used a little loctite for the bolts in the swingarm.

Next was taking the front apart and i think the last person who worked on it used to work on trucks, damn that bolds where tight. Some people do need to use a torque wrench.
I had to take the fork legs out because the neoprene protectors (socks) are sewed and not zippered like some other models i’ve seen.
These are also Acerbis and the same i have fitted on Ragnarok after 2 time a failed seal within less than 20.000km. Since i fitted the sock it’s without problems for 70.000km now so a good investment for just somewhere around €20.
Saturday a washed Sporherre but didn’t had the time to do it properly as i had an appointment for which i was almost too late because i wanted to was him for this jobs the next day when a lot of rain was forecasted.
It showed that i didn’t do it real good, however some places are just hard if not impossible to reach.

Most of you might read or watched it a dozen times already but when you go on trips and take tools with you for when you break down also use that toolkit when you work on the bike at home.
When you do so you discover items you miss or don’t need al all and safe some weight by removing it from the kit. It might be just a socket or bit weighing next to nothing but lots of little ads up to significant but when in doubt keep it in the kit.
Back to the job at hand. I cut the socks to length, they where 355mm long but i just needed 270mm. Don’t just cut but keep the print in mind and cut form both sides to keep the print in tact even when you don’t want to see it and have it on the inside.
Before putting them on clean the inner tube thoroughly and apply a rich layer of PTFE spray, a Teflon based lubricant and let it evaporate for a while to let the volatile carrying agent flash of.

The socks are secured in place with a tyrap on both sides but i left them off until i had the opportunity to see how i have to turn the print. I choose to have it shown but if you don’t won’t that you also don’t want just halve of it turned behind the fender extension.
Before i got to that i first changed the air bleed screw with the speed bleeder.
For who don’t know what that is, when riding and especially offroad the suspension is going up and down ally the time creating heat due to the friction causing a pressure build up within the forks.
You can release that pressure by loosening the bleed screw with the use of a screwdriver, the speed bleeder eliminate the need for a screwdriver.
After that it was time to put everything back together.

Normally i hate stickers and the first thing i do when i get a new bike is removing al of them except the decals but this bike especially with the full body sticker kit has a competition/rally feel and or look so in this case stickers can complete that look.
With most purchases you get a or even some stickers. Rally bikes use the swingarm to display their sponsors, i don’t have sponsors but i do like most of the things i put on my bike or wear so i adopt that look for the rally feel/look.

The Klim logo also conveniently covers up a scratch… And yes, i need a new tyre.
Working on that but Michelin raised their prices substantial, talked to my dealer last week and he will give me a quote with a discount and some alternative options.
It has to be as aggressive as the Anakee Wild and at least last just as long, best a little bit more.
That’s it for this week, have a excellent weekend.

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  1. Mooi Ray, weer lekker druk bezig.
    Jij ook een mooi weekend, niet al te veel regen alhoewel ik altijd zeg … het meeste valt ernaast, haha.


  2. Erg technisch allemaal, maar wel geweldig dat je zo voortvarend bezig bent. Kunnen anderen nog eens wat van opsteken (maar ik met m’n aftandse rolschaatsen niet haha)…

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