So, i entered a rally…

And that is changing my complete planning for this year.
Yes you read it correct, i will be participating in the Bosnia rally 16 to 22 July on Sporherre.
I have another blog coming about my single rotor conversion i did this weekend which will be also very helpful in the rally.

It was an invite from Vanessa (, not personal off course but through her channel but i did had some email contact with her personally.
To stay within the annual travel budget i have to skip the trip in September. The short trip to Serbia should be a few weeks before the rally so i skip that too and take the same 3 weeks as last year with the rally in the middle.
New plans…. take a week to get to the start of the rally, do the 6 days rallying through Bosnia and then take a week to get back home.
In September i will go to Discover Overland and take a week after or before that, maybe 2 depending on how many days and budged i have left with a destination unknown… also depending on what time and budget is left.

A rally was high on he bucketlist but there where some issues with them so far, way too expensive, only roadbook, affordable and a GPS track option but in the only month i can’t take my vacation so i checked with Vanessa if what i had in mind would work out and checked if i could take my vacation that time and went for it.
This is what i’m getting myself into…

This will off course be continued but i was so exited that i wanted to share it right away.

7 Replies to “So, i entered a rally…”

  1. Wow! That’s an unexpected turn of events! Of course you are excited! Thrilling prospective… 🤗🏍️

    1. That’s me, live in the moment.
      You can make plans but don’t pour them in concrete so you can do something you might regret 🤣

  2. Geweldig Ray, helemaal Ray zoals ik je ken. Go by the flow, mooi man en altijd het onverwachte komt op je pad, leuk en ik ben benieuwd naar de ervaring.

  3. Bedankt.
    Beter spijt hebben van wat je hebt gedaan dan spijt hebben van wat je juist niet hebt gedaan.
    Van het eerste heb je als het goed is in ieder geval iets geleerd en in het 2e geval heb je mogelijk een groot avontuur gemist.

  4. Cool!

    Op de een of andere manier passen dit soort dingen prima bij je en inderdaad, kunt er alleen maar van genieten en leren.

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