Small update

No long story this weekend and here’s why.
Last weekend i had a great weekend at Discover Overland, didn’t took much pictures and only a few short clips filmed with the phone but when i have a little time i tell you all about it.

This weekend is also fully booked so also no time to do some editing.
Friday evening after work i have to go to a traffic control deployment, Saturday i go to the north of the country because we (the VFR club) finally found somebody to take over my “job” as the event coordinator and we start the transfer.
I stop at the end of the year and we finish the rest of the year together to give him the best start i can unlike how i got into this function.

Sunday it’s also for the VFROC because we have the seventh tour out of nine, also up north (even further) so i booked a B&B to safe myself over 600km and a short night.
Of course i have to get back after the ride leaving me no time for a blog.

Also took a quick glance at the “critical skills” list for South Africa and there is some official language i have to figure out the proper meaning but there seem to be options.
If i’m correct i have to find a job with a function that’s on the list and then i can proof i have work that should allow me a work permit.
Shouldn’t be that hard otherwise the skill wouldn’t be critical according to my logic.
The challenge ahead of me is to get things my way giving me 4 to 5 months to ride down there and also find that job in a region i like to live.
I keep you updated because there is more i want to explore to get as close to my initial plans as possible.

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