Should i think international?

Yes i started in Dutch but the Netherlands is a very small country and even though i think not a lot of people would be interested in my life or what i have to say but the internet makes everything close by.
So why not aim internationally? Why am i doing this at all?
I really don’t know but i love bikes and i love what i do, this is who i am…. this is what i am.
Maybe nobody cares about this blog but maybe, just maybe i could inspire somebody to start doing what he or she likes and be who he or she really is.
If it’s just only a single person it would be great and if not… then i shared what i love with whoever finds it interesting.
So let’s aim internationally and increase the possibility of inspiring at least one person.

Let’s get back that life.
Yesterday i wanted to start with the backside of the Ténéré but the day before i was doing some things for different volunteer projects i do on the laptop with music and a beer, another beer and….. So i took al lazy day, running some errands and installing the LED lights in the garage i ordered and finally tracked down in the parcel system.

Today i was fit again to do something on the bike and started to take him apart for the installation of the Hyperpro rear suspension.

A bit further on i took the side form the airbox off and there came some oil pouring out which shouldn’t be there. Now i had to deal with a mess and after covering it with paper towel i decided to go to the supermarket to get some cat-litter to soke it up.
After that i took a break because i expected some friends over who wanted to check out my new home on the way to pick up their son.

When they left i changed back into the work outfit and continued working on the bike discovering i didn’t need to take off the side of the airbox but if i didn’t make that little mistake i would not discovered the oil build up.
Probably not a big deal but something to keep an eye on for the time being.
There had to be taken of quite a bit only to get to the upper bolt of the suspension and when i finally got him down i decided to take the whole link system down for a check-up.

Good choice… one bearing seized and damaged the bushing and the other bearings where not far from that also.
Besides from some cleaning of these parts the job came to a stop again for another few days. Tomorrow is Monday and then the bikeshop is closed so Tuesday i can go but i don’t think they will have everything in stock. Just hoping they have it in before Christmas.
In that case i can finish it next weekend (i don’t do Christmas).

In the mean time i can try to figure out how to connect the used Power Commander which i bought on Marktplaats (Marketplace) or as George Carlin nicely complained about in his piece on soft language… pre owned.
The setback left me with some time to update the blog with nice music on the background.
I let YouTube choose with my previous searches as a guide getting music by Tool, The Pretty Reckless, Jinjer, Meg Meyers and more like that.

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