Short update

Just al little update and i did a new video about my commute home because i found some new dirt just along the most direct way home.
After a long day at work i don’t always want to make a big detour and get home even later but it’s just too much fun not to hit some dirt.
I did a video on it before but that was with the GoPro hero 3+ mounted on the crashbar of Ecstasy, not the best quality and also not the best position.
This time i filmed it with the Hero 8 Black on the chin mount but i didn’t do much editing other than a few voice overs.
It was a last minute decision so also no media mod, if you don’t like the sound just play your own favourite music over it.

This week i had a mail in my inbox with the notification that my new handlebar is finally in at Yamaha and they would send it the minute they have it.
No news yet about the delivery date of the #Touratech suspension but that would be next week at best and most likely the week after.
The mirrors are fitted, not too much visibility the way i mounted them but this is the offroad setup and i can see behind me.
Set them up to see if it’s clear for overtaking and go back to the right lane after, for a complete overview i have to move my head a bit but it’s more important where i go than where i’ve been and i didn’t wanted to keep switching between on- and offroad.
Time will learn if it works out and/or if i can get used to it.
It does look good and most important i got rid of the big bulky double take or OEM stems.

4 Replies to “Short update”

    1. Yep… the weather was a nice change after all the mud.
      It felt planted but i might have skipped some pieces of ground.

    1. Na een lange dag werk is het wel lekker om naar huis te mogen 😇
      Ik ben blij dat ik toch nog een flink stuk offroad heb gevonden want de eerste keer met Ecstasy kwam ik alleen maar uit bij verbodsborden.

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