Scouting for trails

A few weeks ago my friend Jeffrey came over for the weekend to scout for some trails south of where i live.
One time on my way home i took the first exit on a roundabout where i normally take the second just to see where it get me but still going somewhat in de direction back home.
I ended up in an area with lots of dirt roads/track showing on the Garmin XT and i also spotted a few already without forbidden for bikes signs but in the wrong direction.
A couple did go in de right direction and it was a nice surprise with a good reason to check it out one time and this was the time.

It took some time to get the agenda’s to match up because Jeffrey had to work some weekends and others we had a VFROC ride out (he’s also a member) or other things to do.
Plan was to show him my nice offroad commute and then check what the south had to offer. After that have some beers and see what or where we get something to eat and the next day he would go back home.

The evening before i figured it might be smarter to drive towards him to do the commute part as it was not far from his route to my place.
Then have lunch and still have more time for exploring.
Good thing you could have seen the commute part in another video because i wanted to film it from the handlebar but i didn’t tighten the camera good enough so i filmed the sky once i hit the dirt.
The angle was not right anyway so nothing really lost and a learning moment, still thinking for a angle that works.

It was a good day and you could have read i destroyed my 1,5 month old handlebar and replaced it but that was good too even though it was another expense i could have done without but just imagine this has happened on my ScanBaltic trip.
Now i know the OEM handlebar is too weak and the new one hopefully is crash proof (to an extend off course).
I also know the Klim gear is up to it and the body armour does what it has to do.
Because i have several restaurants within 1km just across the park we decided to go out. The steak house didn’t had a free table but as i said there are more so we ended up at a Greek restaurant with also enough meat to choose from.

I leave you with a few pictures and the video, i kept it short (about 13 mins) and no music this time. I tested a wind sock but that only works at low speed, just turned the volume down for some engine noise in some occasions but also because i didn’t had very much time but wanted to put this blog up.

4 Replies to “Scouting for trails”

  1. Is this still The Netherlands 🇳🇱 or already Berlgium or Germany? The pics look nice, there are truly some hidden gems everywhere, you only need to know where to look. I’ll watch the vid after sending this comment. Keep it up bro 😎

    1. It’s all Netherlands but the houses with the wood beams (vakwerkhuizen) you see a lot in Germany and Austria.

  2. Leuk man, mooie film is het geworden. Ja echt het zuiden van Nederland.
    Niets voor mij maar wel leuk om te zien.

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