ScanBaltic preview 2

Finland was a blast offroading and i just couldn’t resist playing around. Some parts had a new layer of gravel to protect the road from excavator track i guess and you could feel it tear up the tyres so i started looking to het some new tyres in Estonia.

Garmin doesn’t stop with strange choises. One moment it doesn’t accept a perfectly fine gravel road and the other he sends you into a totally overgrown forrest single track.

It looks just fine but you just have to wait for the video to see how i got there. I was on my way to Helsinky where i met a couple of Germans. 2 travelling with i bike with sidecar and 2 on a BMW GS800 with whom i had a great couple of nights in Tallinn. I booked a ferry when i got back from Hardrock Café Helsinki

they where on the same ferry and also stayed 2 nights in tallinn. I first went fo a new rear tyre. I contacted a local bike shop who recomended the one where i found it. The Anakee Wild had gotten real expensive but they had options so i decided to change both for Mitas, the E07 with the + for the rear. The next day i went for a couple of new SD cards for the camera’s and then on a discovery through Tallinn.

This evening i met Stephan and Wolfgang again for diner and a couple of beers before going our own ways again. The first impression of the Mitas tyres where not good but it turned out that the mechanic despite asking what pressure i wanted just filled up to the standard spec and that just doesn’t work for my kind of riding. It didn’t track in loose sand and was very uncomfortable on gravel, amazing what only a few tenths of a bar do.

A photographed example of what Garming thinks is just fine…

I just went in and it was a bit slippery and muddy but i ended up on gravel again but with a questionable bridge. At least i didn’t fell through. This was on my way to Riga. After some of this i had just over 50km boring road and then i found out why the TET Estonia leading to Riga was not routable. It was a forrest track like a dirtbike track. Had some scetchy moment but i handled. I guess the 3 guys on proper dirtbikes just coming out of that section probably where a bit surprised an adventure bike just showed how great the T7 is, at least with the upgrades i did on the bike and glad i lowered my tyre pressure.

Tomorrow i leave towards Lithuania and probably end up just over the border in Poland close to Suwalki.

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  1. It’s quite an adventure indeed, isn’t it… didn’t you just love the picturesque city ofTallinn? Imagine what that is like when covered in snow and drenched in sunshine… Ride on Ray 🤟🏻

  2. Mooi om te lezen dat je overal wel weer iemand tegenkomt voor aanspraak of gezelschap. Waren de banden al zo snel op … dat je al nieuwe moest zoeken halverwege de trip?
    Rijstijl is natuurlijk een “dingetje” maar dit vind ik wel erg snel, maar oké het zal zo zijn.
    Succes en Ray, stay safe!

  3. Hi Roy! Nice trip and nice blog. It was a real pleasure to share a part of your trip in Norway. Drive safe and enjoy!

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