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Just over a week into the trip and just now i have some time for a little preview of the blog series that will come once i’m back and found time to get through the footage.

the trip started on known ground up to the top of the Netherlands, Eemshaven. From there i took the Ferry with pretty rough seas at night. I almost came loose from the bunk a few times but i could handle it withiut getting sick.

the next morning i got off in Kristiansand where i imediately started the first real leg of the trup. That trip ended different than planned due to the ferry situation in Lyssebotn. I don’t go into details, i lrave tjat for the blog series.

The first days where great with fjords and good weather. At the first campsite i met a Dutch lady who traveled with a VW T3 van turned into a camper and she gave me a tip about a road onwards to Geiranger. I accidently saw that number on a sign and turned around to check if it would fit in my plans. Luckily it did because it turned out to be a roadbi wanted to do but couldn’t find.

After lunch in Geiranger the weather changed for the worse and i had to camp in the rain and pack up in it too. In the evening i found a campsite but they didn’t have cabins free… yeah, a medium and a big for big and bigger money. At least they had a tent spot with some trees so i could use thr tarp.

the first day i met some Norwegian bikers and got a tip to go see Senja island on my way from Lofoten up north. I made a plan but changed it back due to the weather as i would not see anything after all. Everything was covert by clouds and the rain didn’t help too.

it kept raining as i made my way up to the North Cape ending in a anti climax.

Down to Finland, still not dry but less rain and dry moments. This is also where the offroading should happen and after the border i had to make a right turn it took just a few kilometres for the road to change from asphalt into gravel for about 100km with just a few bridged that had asphalt on both sides.

Today was the day i would get on the TET and it had already sone surprises.

A bit further i spotted something else so i took a hike to see if it made sense even thinking of do that water crossing.

I wanted to do a water crossing for a long time, don’t know why but i always saw it as a must have done to be a real adventure rider. I just would like to have it a bit more level for the first time, not with a loose sand down and a steeper loose sand with stones up on the other side. It took me a good hakve an hour to make up my mind because it’s a first with a challenge and a second challenge right after that. You have to wait for the full episode to discover weather i crossed it or turned around.

the day ended a chunk into the next day because the lean on open cabin i planned to stay was non existing. I found another but decided to sleep in the tent after all. There is a fireplace in the cabin and the whole cabin smells and i didn’t want to smell like it too the whole day tomorrow. It helps te keep the muskito’s away so i made diner there in my base layer that doesn’t take a smell very easy and the tent has mesh for fresh air but keep the muskito’s out.

Tomorrow i have to buy some Finnish muskito repellent because they are not impressed by the Norwegian stuff.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your thrilling and less thrilling experiences both here and through WhatsApp Ray. Being able to virtually travel along fills me with great joy. Keep it up – and stay safe! Wishing you loads of memorable experiences – and good weather and road conditions- Ron ,

  2. Gaaf Ray, leuk dat je toch tijd gevonden hebt om wat te schrijven. Leuk om jou trip mee te maken, heel anders dan onze trip naar de Noordkaap anderhalve week voor jou uit.

    Geniet ervan en succes, stay safe.

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