ScanBaltic Episode 1, we’re off

For years i had a bucketlist with 2 big trips, last year (2021) i did the Balkans and this year it was time for Northern Europe and i probably will do another trip before i am able to pursue my plan to move to South Africa but this series is about my trip to the North Cape and back.
Initially i had no plans to go all the way to the North Cape because i don’t care about a “been there” status.
One of the few people i follow on YouTube is Noraly Schoenmaker a.k.a. Itchy Boots and on the way back form her Iceland adventure she went there because Finland had shut down for Dutch citizens and she had a similar feeling about it but was glad she went there so because i don’t care about a few km extra so i decided to go there too.
What i thought about it when i got there i will tell you when i get there in this series.

During the Balkan trip i realised i wanted to do more offroad and even for the paved places i chose the Crosstourer was just too heavy and got me in some questionable situations.
I wanted to be able to take on unpaved roads without the fear of will i be able to get through and if not will i be able to turn the bike around.
That’s why i bought Sporherre and sold Ecstasy who was no fun on long trips with the one cylinder.
As you know i did many upgrades on him and this is the ultimate tesride.

I also tried to shoot better footage with a custom made combi microphone but i think it was not without issues but we’ll figure that out during this series, i just took quick glances and will find out the real issues when i get to it in the editing process.
Yesterday i started and only then i made up my mind how this story will be told. At first i thought i end a video at the end of a day doing 1, 2 or 3 days per episode but when i reached the 20 minutes i knew day 1 was not interesting enough on it’s own and going to the end of day 2 would make the video too long.
So i stick to the 15 to 20 minutes and where i am is where i end it.
I also bought an editing app that gives me some extra options, let me know if you like it or not and if not what you dislike. It’s no use to make video’s you don’t want to watch and i only can make them better if i know what needs improvement.
What i can do in the editing i will imply in the next video and what i need to do while filming i imply on my next trips together with improvements i will discover myself during this series.
That’s a big chunk already as an intro so let’s move on to the trip…

Saturday morning, Sporherre is packed the night before and of we go.
There is one thing planned this trip and that’s the ferry from Eemshaven in the north of the Netherlands to Kristiansand in the south of Norway, one deadline so no crazy stuff this day.
Not long after leaving home i cross into Germany, the most direct way avoiding highways with a bonus of a higher maximum speed.
Also not long for my first issue to pop up, the Garmin XT crashed and after restarting the track file was not working anymore and got corrupted somehow. At least the route file was still working and the track is mostly for when i get of the route in case i decide to check some road i spot but this day it only be needed in case of a closed road.

That was the case twice, one time without an “umleitung” (detour) given and also without a visible option on the GPS so i decided to take the bicycle path and another with an umleiting that didn’t make any sense for my route so i had to work around that by stopping the route and plot another route to a point to my initial route further on and restart the route again when i got there.
Somewhere halve way in a neighbouring town to my birth town i took a short coffee break and quickly continued. The GPS and detour problems used up all my extra time but i was was still well in time for the ferry, and that’s exactly why i plan extra time when i have to be somewhere at a certain time.

The boat had a layout that makes it that motorcycles have to board last and a very odd way to secure the bikes. Normally the bikes go along the sides and strapped down but here the bikes are secured as a pair.
You also had to do it yourself which was for a lot of bikers a shock because they had no idea how to do it. With everybody helping each other and the knowledge that the crew will check and correct everything when they had time after departure it all worked out after all.
Now to the cabin to fresh up and off to the beer.

Had some drinks with a father and son i met while waiting to board and we met later again during diner.
Later on i had a few more drinks and went to the bunk in time, beer was expensive and had a few good weeks ahead so not a bad idea to go in a bit early.
That turned out to be a smart move because the sea turned quite rough, a few times i almost came loose from the bed. Good thing i have a bike that has protection against falling so i didn’t had any worries about that unlike other passengers that had doubts about the way the bikers where strapped down.
All went well and no bikes fell over, bigger problem for a lot was the lack of sleep due to the rough seas.

It took some time to get off the boat and to the main road but once on route it went smooth, apparently i chose a direction other than most or the majority first went to see Kristiansand. I don’t like big city’s so i just went for the ride which already was beautiful just outside the city limits.
Most of the main roads are like country roads here and i don’t had to go far to get of it.
Almost missed it because i forgot to turn on the headset, i didn’t want any distraction from the road and scenery so i didn’t turn on the music until the last day.

I was lucky with the weather as it was the perfect riding temperature plus clear and sunny.
Also the traffic was great because there was hardly any, just a car here and there and a few motorcycles.
It is widely known that they are very strict with the speeds in Norway and i thought i took it to the limit already until i was overtaken by another biker with a pillion. It was time to find some lunch at that time too and coincidently i stopped at the same place they did and that was perfect.
The store was something i never came across, it was an unmanned store where you could enter with your credit/bank card, collect your groceries and scan it yourself.
Without them i would assume it was closed and just would wonder why there was a card scanner outside.
There where some picknick tables outside where we could eat what we bought inside and there they gave me some tips for places to see and about the speeds and how and where i could ride a bit faster. They met with some friends there so we where with 5 of us and it was a nice first contact, nice people and good useful information early on in the trip.
Sadly no offroading but the scenery made up for that and everything went al well… until it didn’t.
But that’s for the next episode.
As i said i will work on a video to max 20 mins and that point has come before the end of day 2 so for you it’s a cliffhanger i guess, but hey… i’m here writing this so it’s nothing serious… is it?

5 Replies to “ScanBaltic Episode 1, we’re off”

  1. Geweldig leuk Ray, stukken betere film dan de eerdere, top hoor, petje af, ik vind het in ieder geval leuker om naar te kijken.
    Mooie foto’s ook, erg veel ruimte op de boot voor de motoren moet ik zeggen, op de boot Kiel-Oslo hadden we minder ruimte maar wel de mogelijkheid om per stuk vast te zetten.
    Ben erg benieuwd naar episode 2, 👍😉.

    1. Fijn dat het weer een vooruitgang is, ik doe m’n best wekelijks een episode uit te brengen met uitzondering van week 37 want dan ben ik het weekend weg en heb de week ervoor vrij.

  2. Geweldig om je belevenissen zo verwoord te zien, ik hang in overdrachtelijke zin aan je lippen. De film vertelt veel van wat je verwoordt ook prima in beeld, qua lengte heel beheersbaar en doordat je het in episodes plaatst wordt het een mooi feuilleton. Ik kijk al uit naar de volgende episode dode!

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