ScanBaltic 2022 episode 7, wrapping up Finland

After a breakfast in the smokey lean to it was time to hit the dirt again.
In the night it seemingly rained a bit but i sleep just great in a forest so i did not hear it, it’s just that the tent was too wet for morning dew.
One side was already dry so i moved him a bit to let the other side dry during breakfast and packing up the rest.
I’m in to the next section for about 50km so it’s gonna be a short ride today.
I was afraid Finland would be quite boring in the “view department” as it is pretty flat and wide open but there is a lot of forest and i guess i’m an allround outdoor person because i love water, mountains and also forests.
So beside having a blast on the trails this also gives me joy…

The weather looks not too good but it’s dry and this day i just had a few drops.
Halve way the day i entered the lake district, not sure if it is called that officially but if you take a look at the map of Finland and look at the southern part in the middle you’ll see what i mean.
It is also the end of the section and this is just another example why i only make sections to keep track of the timeline and most certainly not book too soon because i don’t feel like stopping yet.
Despite riding offroad i managed a good average speed and i don’t feel i miss out on the scenery.
The next section is shorter than what i had left this last section, i will see at what point i’m done today.

Again, or still depending how you see it a lot of offroad. Not that strange because near Paltamo i left the Finnish TET section 1 just to catch up with section 2 at Pitkämäki and follow that with just a few detours down towards Helsinki.
As i mentioned before i don’t have any problems with long days and over here more to the south the days also getting longer resulting in finishing this whole section ending at a campsite in Hankasalmi.

The next day would be the last day in Finland, halve of it still is offroad so lets see what that will bring in this watery part.
‘Not disappointed, more nice tracks and also more Garmin surprises. Yet another non existing track that is perfectly fine to ride.
This time i decided to take a chance, i got more confident with the luggage on and after that water crossing plus it’s not as wet any more.
This is where the track is ending and how it looked when it reappeared…

The last 70-ish km i did main road and even some highway. The alternative was too big of a detour time-wise but way too short to make it an extra day.
It also only was too much for that day because i wanted to get to Helsinki i bit early so i have time to go to Hardrock Café Helsinki.
When i get somewhere and there is a Hardrock Café nearby i will go there.i do like the atmosphere and for a chain they have real good food but also because it’s an philanthropic organisation donating for human well being and preserving the planet.

Because Finland is not cheap and a big city like Helsinki is plain expensive i fist planned to stay somewhere outside Helsinki but when i really started looking for accommodation i found a hostel in town with single or double bed rooms for a good price so i did stay in town.
When you ever get there and you don’t feel like staying in a sleeping dorm you might want to check out Euro Hostel.
When i got there i saw a familiar face greeting me and pointing me to a cheaper parking lot. It was the same Polish guy i met at the waterfall in episode 3 who was staying there also.
I didn’t see him afterwards but in front of the hostel 2 German guys where enjoying some wine. They where travelling on a bike with sidecar.
While we where talking 2 other German approached the hostel on if i remember correctly GS 800’s, Wolfgang and Stephan (somehow i called him Thomas in the video…. Sorry Stephan, i’m bad with names).
By the time i was checked in and had the bike parked it was cheap enough to park the bike across the street and had a drink with the 4 German guys before heading to Hardrock Café

When i got back i booked a spot on the ferry to Tallinn, the same Wolfgang and Stephan would take.
The next episode i go from the “Scan” to the “Baltic” part of the name of this series.

4 Replies to “ScanBaltic 2022 episode 7, wrapping up Finland”

    1. Don’t forget forests.
      But i had a blast in Finland, if it wasn’t so expensive i might looked for some more muck for a day more or even two.

  1. Prachtig Ray, leuk om te zien. Jij hebt meer van Finland gezien en gedaan dan wij hebben gedaan, leuk man.
    Nieuwsgierig naar de volgende episode.

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