ScanBaltic 2022 episode 4, Crossing winterwonderland

After an evening with a beautiful view and meeting new people at a small campsite just a view kilometres back down the road from my visit to the glacier it was time to continue the trip.
I was already some kilometres in the trip for this day and i was happy i did.
The people at the glacier site could be counted on one hand and the campsite i ended up was just a stunning place.

That was in the evening when it was nice and sunny but today it’s a bit grey and rain is forecasted, just hope it stays away as long as possible.
Remember the tip form the Dutch lady at the fist campsite? Not long after i started this day on the twisty 15 in a 180 left turn i saw a road sign with the number 285… wait a minute, that was the road!
On the left side was a place i could stop to check it out.
It was the number i was told and it was going east where my route was going north-west but it ended on a main road leading back to my route.
I also am ahead so no reason to make a little detour let me missing out on a possible epic road.

This is exactly why i don’t want to plan too tight and have a route only as a baseline.
Off course it has to be a nice route because without these kind of tips it will be the one to follow when you have a limited time frame.
But it turned out to be the road i saw pictures of and could not find. This is also a benefit of travelling alone because that conversation probably would not have gone like it went now.

The road went to some kind of gravel but it was very compacted almost like concrete, i was “warned” for that only it was just what i wanted so it was a bonus.
Now it’s back to the 15 but not long after i left the 15 to chase the 285 my route would take a left turn onto the 63 but i only have to backtrack the 15 for about 12km.
Next on the list is Geiranger.

That’s why i wanted to start my trip with the Michelin Anakee Wild, i knew they will also do very well on the paved twisties and in the wet too.
Down at the harbour i had a lunch and when i was ready to continue it started to rain like it was forcasted. Shame but i think with the reputation of the Norwegian weather i think i’m lucky i had done most of the fjords in dry and even sunny conditions.

Still one big name to go, Trollstigen.
This conditions remind me to last year on the Transfagarasan, light rain after some heavier rain and just over the top starting to dry up again.
Luckily i’m cautious in rain but not nervous so i still can enjoy the riding in these conditions.
In the video you have to do with the handlebar cam because it didn’t fall down very hard but the spray still made the helmet cam useless.

Still have a two and a halve hour ride to the Storseisundbrua on the Atlantic highway but that was not as spectacular as the pictures show.
It was a bit of a disappointment and there will be a few more this trip, the weather is a big reason for them all and that’s just fine.
People nowadays can’t handle disappointments very well any more but they are very important because how can you appreciate good things when there are no bad things?

“Plan” (end of the section) was a campsite in Dalen gård near Kristiansund (no not Kristiansand where i started in Norway) but i didn’t felt like stopping yet.
At the point i said to myself i will stop in about halve an hour i saw a place with descent priced cabins but i set my mind on wild camping.
Also spotted some possibilities for that but wanted to go one just a little bit…. big mistake.
Just after passing the last options the scenery changed drastic and flat spots to pitch a tent disappeared.
All was rocky with moss or just rough with maybe some flat spots hidden under very high grass.
About an hour after planning to stop i would settle with a campsite or any other place to spend the night like i passed the whole trip maybe every hour but this was a some dead spot i guess. Probably no strangers go there so no B&B’s needed because, and iOverlander also had no options for me.

Two hours after i wanted to stop i finally found a nice spot.
Now i could set up camp and have a bite to eat with a beer with a lakeside view.

Later this week i will make a little post with the video i shot at this camp, it was the ending of the day but i also wanted to give a bit of inside view about how i camp.
It was a bit awkward to cut it up but too long to add to the video for this episode.

6 Replies to “ScanBaltic 2022 episode 4, Crossing winterwonderland”

  1. Hallo Ray.
    Het is leuk om weer iets van je te lezen. Ik denk vaak aan de Baltische reis en onze ontmoeting in Helsinki. Ik oefen nog steeds mijn Nederlands. Ben je nu thuis?
    Vriendelijke groeten

    1. Hallo Wolfgang.
      Voorlopig even geen grote reizen in de planning, dat gaat volgend jaar rond deze tijd zijn.
      Plan is om vanaf Discover Overland te vertrekken richting Andorra via het meer van Genève en daar via Spanje offroad naar beneden en via Portugal weer omhoog. Dat ga ik proberen te combineren met een event in Portugal wat altijd eind September/begin Oktober is.
      Verder wil ik nog wel weekend tripjes en 1 of 2 week tripjes doen.

  2. Mooi Ray, het wordt steeds leuker, haha.
    Mooie foto’s toch wel en ik ben benieuwd naar de film.
    Grtz ..

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