ScanBaltic 2022 episode 3, To the glacier

I didn’t made it to get it finished this weekend and it where some long evenings to get it ready after all.
Saturday a wrench and meet day from the VFR forum and Sunday i helped a forum member with replacing the steering bearings. This week i’m off from work and finally have my garage floor fixed and it took a lot longer than expected due to bad work from the previous owners. I knew the floor was bad but it was mostly because of taking shortcuts on time and materials but back to the trip.

After stranding for the third time at a ferry i called it a night and in this episode i continued with a ferry crossing.
It turned out to be still running the night before but it looked shut down and it was with big intervals so waiting took too long anyway so no bad feeling.
Had a great view and useful information when i sat down with a beer.

Not a bad start to finish the previous day.

As you can see the weather is again very nice, sunny but not too warm and just a perfect riding combo.
On the other side of Josenfjord i followed the lake/fjord and then some nice twisty roads north.
The next water could be crossed by a bridge and there was a museum where you could see the main feature for free, a sawmill but it was taken down for restoration.

Continuing east along the Suldalsvatnet, a 376 meter deep lake at 68 meter above sea level and where i would go north again is where the section from the previous day should have ended.

Even the main roads are great but they have a lot of tunnels and sometimes the old roads are still open and i did choose a few of the old roads to avoid some tunnels.
Skipping the tunnel on the E134 via the Røldalsfjellet was maybe the biggest surprise of the trip. When i took the turn i expected getting myself in trouble somehow but i ended up taking my favourite picture this trip which i showed you already on the first preview and i used it as the banner of the site plus i had a canvas made for in the living room.
It’s here in two places so no need to post it again, many more nice pictures to come like the Låtefossen.

At this waterfall i met a Polish biker on a GS who’s name i forgot, the same guy was at the same hostel i ended up in Helsinki. How are those odds?
Next was a little serpentine called Myrkdalen, the rest of the pictures i add at the end in a gallery.

Then i went to Trolltunga but it was what i was afraid of, you had to park and hike up there.
I was hoping a bike could get a bit closer. At least the road up was free for bikes whereas cars need to pay toll.
Not the worst ride so not a complete loss but i don’t want to change in the car park and leave my gear there.
Another great pass was Gaularfjellet which reminds me a bit of the Transfagarasan in Romania seen from above.
Before i got there i came across funny situation, i thought the Dutch went crazy with roundabouts but in Norway you have them in a tunnel. I captured one on video and put it in.

This day i came to the end of the section but i didn’t feel like stopping and started the next section.
It was not a very big part i did but glad i did.
I went on to the Gjenndalsbreen glacier, you had to pay to go there but there was no one there any more to collect the money and the instructions for that situation was unclear so i gambled and kept going. I just wanted to take a picture and not hike the last bit.
On the way up i was thinking about pitching my tent there but better not, i passed a few campsites and went back down to see if one of them had a place for me.
There was one smaller site and that was my first choice. Lucky me, there was place enough and what a view!

And then there is off course the video…

6 Replies to “ScanBaltic 2022 episode 3, To the glacier”

    1. And there are hours of beauty i have to leave out.
      This video was already a bit longer and it’s just one day of riding, day 4 out of 19 but rain was coming.

  1. Prachtig verhaal, mooie beelden in de film, geweldig hoor.
    Zelf ook naar de Noordkaap geweest maar vanuit Oslo, een groot stuk van jou eerste dagen hebben wij gemist.
    Prachtig Ray.

      1. Wij gingen van Kiel naar Oslo, eerst een heel stuk verder om bij de boot te komen. Daarna al een stuk verder naar het noorden wat ik persoonlijk wel jammer vond maar ja, je gaat samen en ik vond het ook niet zo erg. Blijft er nog iets over om opnieuw te ontdekken.

        1. Zeker een stuk langer naar de boot maar Oslo ligt bijna 4 uur noordelijker dan Kristiansand dus het is minder ver naar het noorden.
          Maar er blijft zeker genoeg te ontdekken want je hebt veel gemist van het bijna uiterste zuiden via de fjorden naar het westen.
          Ik heb al ideeën voor volgend jaar, gaat ook zeker weer een avontuur worden.

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