Reckless strap rack

It was on the to do list from day one, something to strap the Mosko Moto Reckless 40 and 80 to at the back.
It’s called Reckless but it is a rackless bag system but at least for the R80 a luggage rack is advised jut to distribute the load a bit or at least strap the rear of the bags to.
The R40 comes with a set of “cleets”, some aluminium pieces you can bolt on the back to strap the bags on but on the T7 there is no mounting point and i don’t care about some holes in the plastics but these plastics are not strong enough.

I looked around for rear luggage racks and soft luggage systems but they all where Expensive, ugly or both and with all of them i had doubts it will work with the Mosko Reckless series anyway.
Time to make something myself.
I use the passenger seat to have the bags as far forward as possible for the least amount of impact on the handling, especially offroad.
As a starting point and mostly for the bushings/spacers i bought some passenger handgrips off of Ali Express and from there i would build my own kit starting with the big wait.
Ordered them early December and the where announced to be here between 7 and 17 January but where a day late and another because i was not at home to take the package (in the Netherlands they don’t leave it on the porch for everybody to take.

Didn’t want to rush it after work so asked if it was okay to come in on Saturday, i knew it was no problem but i think asking is the descent thing to do.
I had to go to the other location because that’s where the tube bending machine and the tubes are so first a quick stop at my location to get the working clothes and gear and then the 3km in work clothes on the bike. I don’t like riding without the proper gear but it’s a short ride and a lot easier.

Took the R40 off which i have on the bike all the time for the tools (i tend to make spontaneous detours), first aid kit and my lunch and/or small groceries.
Now it was time to look at the passenger mounts…

That’s a no go.
It’s too high and too far out and pushes into the back of the R40 at a point it makes it almost impossible to put the dry bags in and make it look awkward.
But the mounting parts where the most important parts why i bought them so time to cut them apart and start from an even more scratch.

Now i have a base it was time to plan what i really want.
At first i thought i will bend some tubes on the bottom also fixed to the boltholes of the removed passenger pegs but it’s just to strap the back of the bags to and one of the fears of rear luggage racks was the weight.
New plan… keep it simple.

After finishing the production phase i had it sandblasted and in the mean time cleaned my workspace and put the bike back together.
Next week i’ll find a free spot in the paint booth for primer and a matte black coat before putting it on permanently and cross off another personalisation job.
I will share a picture with the R40 and R80 when i have it mounted.

Packed up to go back to my location bring back the gear and get ready for the ride home.

Next week i hope i can share a bit about the ScanBaltic trip, i have to make a few alternative routes because Russia might be a problem but more about that next week.
First thing in April will be a weekend away with Sporherre, i have put e on the list for the Advanced training with after i did the basic training with Ragnarok and the intermediate with Ecstasy.
The training is on a Saturday so i took the Friday off for a nice ride from the far south to the far north and Sunday the same way, not the same road back home.
Until the next blog…

4 Replies to “Reckless strap rack”

  1. You are facing a number of problems, obviously… you will overcome them all 😎 Looking forward to your ScanBaltic posts… Cheers!

    1. Thanks, after two years travelling with Covid and also being my first big trips i’ve not just learned to travel by motorcycle but also to travel with a need to adapt along the way.

  2. Gaaf man, erg leuk om te lezen en te zien hoe je bezig bent met het geschikt maken van de T7 voor je reistassen. Knap stukje werk denk ik zo, eerst het idee en dan lassen, afwerken enz..
    Lekker bezig 👍

    1. Bedankt, gelukkig is problemen oplossen een belangrijk deel van mijn werk en altijd al geweest wat het wel makkelijk maakt als je iets voor jezelf nodig hebt en wat je wilt niet te koop is of simpelweg te duur.

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