Preparing Sporherre

Still have the VFROC weekend blog to finish but getting Sporherre ready is more important and that used up most of this weekend.
Thursday after work i give him a wash to avoid sand getting in places you don’t want when working on it. When i finished i needed to wait a bit for the rain to end to ride it with a bit bigger loop around to the garage, the bigger loop was to get a bit of temperature in the oil for better drainage and let him sit overnight.

Friday i got a head start by cleaning the air filter and filling the oil up again with the new oil filter and crush seal on the drain bolt.
A mod often done on the T7 is removing the snorkel form the air filter cover but that will leave a hole like a bucket and i don’t like horizontal holes so i did it halve by cutting the inside part off.

Saturday i got up early and started with a run to the dump to get rid of 5 tyres and 17 litres of used oil that accumulated the last few years. I did a run for tyres before but forget the oil.
When i got back i decided to clean u the garage first, it annoyed the hell out of me a long time. I like everything in it’s place but often i don’t have time to clean after a job and then it annoys me every time i come home but ones back in the house i get distracted by other stuff like the blogs and forget.
When it is time for a new job i just need to get order to know where everything’s at and have space to put parts i take off the bike.

Now it’s time to start working on what was needed.
For today (Saturday) i’m planning to get the rear done, that means the rear wheel out to change the tyre and bearings as well as the bearings on the sprocket carrier plus the new sprocket.
OEM is 15 teeth in front and 46 in the rear and i switched to 16 in front to get a little less rpm on the highway and i bit better fuel economy.
I liked it but also liked the OEM so now i’m opted the middle of that and went back to the 15 front but now have a 45 rear. A bit of a gamble to start a big trio without trying but it should be the best of both worlds and the fuel economy was not a real big difference so i’m not afraid for that.
For the rest i had to change the front sprocket and chain plus the chain roller which originally is a plastic roll with a bushing and i changed it for a polyurethane with bearings and that should eliminate the vibrations in the left footpeg. Also went for new brake pads all around.

Sunday was time for the front.
Also a new tyre and bearings plus brake pads and fill up the left fork because on the way back from the advance training i had a leak.
Since it is a closed cartridge this oil is just lubricant for the bushings and has no effect on the suspension so i just estimated what i probably lost and checked both legs if that bold in the bottom still was tight.

When i got the fender back on the work was done and i could move to the next step, putting the Reckless 80 on.
I’m planning on taking him one day to work to check if everything is right and grease up the linkage of the rear suspension as i don’t have a grease syringe but did put in a grease nipple.
It was not logic to put the Reckless 40 on for that one day.
Since the test trip on the TET Belgium i added the 4L molle pouch and today i found a way to latch the first aid kit on top of the other holster, it is a drybag kit and i like to have that visible in case of an emergency plus it saves a little space in the bag which was on the limit.
I didn’t checked the rules in the country’s yet but because a lot of country’s demand a high vis jacket when stranded beside the road and some even require a hazard triangle even on a motorcycle. Just to be sure i put those under the seat where it’s not in the way but i have it when needed. The white thing is the triangle, it’s a helmet cover.

I hope to get the VFROC weekend finished this week after all but i do not promise anything, the upcoming trip is just 4 evenings away. I don’t count the Monday because my standard long workday leaving me next to nothing for preparing anything.

The countdown has started…..

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