Preparing Ragnarok

From years to months to an alternate trip due to Covid it is finally counting down the last weeks to the Mega Balkan trip.
An important part of that countdown is preparing Ragnarok for the long trip which is according to Basecamp 7317 KM and no doubt there will be detours caused by different reasons.
Ragnarok will be fitted with a fresh set Anakee Adventures, new brake pads all around and fresh oil and filters.

I also had to change the brake-lines on the back which came with the HEL braided lines kit and this was the perfect moment to take that on as well and i think the most time consuming job. This bike rides like a dream but working on it was not on Honda’s mind when they designed it and even Honda’s need maintenance from time to time.

At this moment the K&N air filter is cleaned and oiled, the oil plus filter are changed, the brake lines are fitted en filled but it needs a bit more flushing and bleeding. For that i had to order some additional brake fluid as i used it all already.
It’s an ABS dual combined system which is besides having a larger volume also harder to bleed and i also changing the type of brake fluid for a higher spec.
It had already the DOT5.1 but even though it has an higher boiling point as the DOT4 i still had the rear boiling up in the Italian mountains last year after Michel and i went our own way.
It was on a steep inland mountain road with not the best asphalt making the front to lock up all the time which i had to compensate with the rear, but that brake is never built to be the mail brake.
As i am expecting even worse roads and i know i’ll be riding a lot of mountains again i wanted an even higher boiling point so i ended up with a DOT4 racing grade brake fluid.
Yes i know, i should take it easy but sometimes you’re just in the flow and it happens…

The tyres and brake pads where delayed until after the weekend, parcel company’s still having problems with delivery times. It was announced to be in on Saturday but it didn’t came… bummer.
Still waiting for a reaction from my tyre guy, tyres for Ecstasy i do myself but Ragnarok has tubeless and it’s easy to damage the rim so i let those to the professional.
I hope he has time in Tuesday as i have to work until 19:00h on Mondays and Wednesday i have to be somewhere for the VFROC.
When i have confirmation i’ll ask my boss if i can use a company car, otherwise i have to put the wheels back in and get the tyres from the parcel pick up point and then go to the tyre guy to take the wheels back out. Not to mention that it will be more expensive because of the extra work.

The upcoming two weeks i also have to work Saturday leaving me 2 Sundays and a few evenings to finish Ragnarok and check and pack my gear.
Hopefully the rains will end also within those next 3 weeks.
This is how Ragnarok sitting right now, waiting for the last parts…

Yes i know, i should do a better yob when i wash him but i think the wash-box ran out of soap.
Before i leave i will go back and and take a sponge and brushes with me to do it properly, than i also can get rid of the greasy fingerprints.

Can’t wait to go.
I did some bad planning for the VFROC because again there is a ride out on the first day of my vacation but this time i won’t sacrifice a day.
This time i have planned 18 sections giving me 3 free days and 2 back-up when necessary but i hope the 3 days will do giving me the 2 days to get used to be back home.

2 Replies to “Preparing Ragnarok”

  1. Het gaat spannend worden, haha. Leuk en kijk uit naar de verslagen van de trip. Succes Ray, rij veilig!

    1. Bedankt, ik hoop dat het nu allemaal wel goed gaat met filmen.
      De Hero3+ gaat in ieder geval op de vertrouwde plek en ik weet nu hoe ik een voice over moet doen als het weer mis gaat 🤣

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