Pedro Mota Dutch ride out

A couple of weeks ago the Dutch/Portuguese YouTuber and solo motorcycle traveller Pedro Mota did a shout out for a ride out the next day.
I had plans to build the new fence i had sitting in the corner of my patio for a few weeks waiting for at least 2 days free time and descent weather.
Then the shout out came and as a follower i thought it was not only an excuse to go riding but also meet like-minded people and off course get my site a bit of exposure.

I’m not a fanboy kind of person so it was not to meet Pedro the 69k subscribers YouTuber but to meet Pedro the guy who brings video’s that are nice to watch and give me some ideas for my own trips.
I think we are all equal and the only thing that makes us different is where we come from and what that background did with our interests and i have the feeling Pedro thinks the same.
I think we have some similarities and it was just like riding with one of my friends.

If you follow him too you know he’s a big fan of historic buildings so we gathered at a fortress and also had lunch at a fortress.

He also wanted it typical Dutch for his international followers so a lot of dyke roads but those aren’t hard to find here.
Only in the north we don’t have much rivers but we solved that by digging canals but the roads next to that are not that exciting because canals are very straight.
Unless you go offroad like in my Adventure Shield advanced video, then the water can be a bit scary.

I and i think we all had a great day, one guy did fall at a traffic light and hit the asphalt hard with his head. That’s why we wear helmets and he just had i mild headache and minor damage on his bike. We taped the indicator back with the electrical tape from my toolkit.
Just 2 corners away we had lunch where he could have a bit of rest before heading back home. I hope the damage was not too expensive.

After lunch we rode a bit more, some went home after lunch and a few stayed until the end.
Pedro and one of the others also had to go south so until Eindhoven we rode together but most of that was highway.
Pedro had some work to do and from where we split i had to go another 70km to go.
The last bit i took my regular route form work to get some dirt after all.
The sun was starting to set and normally i don’t take the forest part because there are deer that come out at that time and i don’t want to scare them or worse, hit them.
But i did very calm hoping to see one but not this time.
It was a good day and because it was Easter i had the Monday off from work and had my 2 days after all to fix the fence.

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