Packing for the ScanBaltic trip

No, it’s not time yet but i’m about to head out for the TET Belgium and packed for the big trip to check if i have everything and get the feel of the extra weight in offroad situations.
The total of the luggage that contains camp gear, cooking supplies (incl. 2 dried meals for an emergency) clothing incl. the Gerbing heated jacket and gloves (regular temperature in July up north is between 0 and 15C), camera and other electronics and the tools.

What do i bring?
The camp gear, from left to right and to ’till bottom:
Tent, chair, pillow, mattress, sleeping bag including a liner, a tarp, a hammer for the tent pegs and some rope for whatever (washing line was it;s last use).

This alls fits in the 30L duffel situated as tailbag.

Then we have the rest besides 2 MSR 1L fuel bottles, compressor and first aid kit.

The short version:
Camera and electronics, tools, cleaning and cooking, shuffle, tube (for the frond but also fits the rear), lock, 2 hiking pants, hiking shoes, flip-flops, 2 T-shirts and a longsleeve, 3 underpants, Gerbing heated jacket that doubles as a evening jacket plus gloves, a hoody, 3 pair of socks and a jersey.
That’s all i take for 3 weeks and i wouldn’t take more if it where 3 months.

The hiking pants are light and dries very quickly just as the Rev’it underwear that i use as the base and it works best without other underwear.
Big mistake many riders make is that they forget that they wear their riding gear all day but they pack like they wear a regular outfit all day.
When it’s cold you don’t sweat so you easily can wear the normal gear a whole week just in the evening and when it’s hot you can wear the one shirt and wash the other when you arrive at your overnight place, it will dry overnight and that’s why i have 2 T-shirts.
The longsleeve, hoody and jacket are for a bit chilly, cool and cold and can be combined to get a very big range of comfort.
This all have to fit in here:

The duffel with camp gear weighted in at 8,7kg and the Fatty toolrol 3,6kg which are both packed under the beavertail of the Mosko Moto Reckless 80 together with a 0,75L bottle of water.
The right side contains the compressor en first aid kit in the aux pox and clothing in the leg bag which weighs 4,9kg (without the things in the aux pox).
This is the light and inflammable stuff because of the exhaust.
The left has the 2 MSR bottles with spare fuel and all the rest other than the electronics and weighs 6,4kg (also without the MSR bottles).
The tankbag has the electronics which can be charged while riding, an emergency biffy (sleeping bag), 2 extra tube scarfs (normal and cold weather) and the hot or wet gloves depending on which i’m wearing.
The total of alle the luggage without what’s in the aux pox is 26,8kg but that’s less than 3kg so just shy of 30kg.

And this is Sporherre ready to roll…

6 Replies to “Packing for the ScanBaltic trip”

  1. Gaaf man, de kou zal wel meevallen in Noorwegen, het kan ook zomaar 23° zijn in juli. Regenkleding lijkt me meer nodig, juli is al jaren de natste maand in Noorwegen.
    Succes, wij gaan er ook heen in juli ;-).

    1. Klopt… kan…
      Ik bereid me voor op alles want volgens onderzoek is het in juli op de noordkaap tussen de 0 en 15 graden.
      Omdat ik hier in NL begin en via de Baltische staten terug ga kan ik ook 30 gr treffen .
      Lagen is de truuc om niet teveel nodig te hebben dus dun en medium wat samen dik is.

  2. In het noorden van Noorwegen hebben wij elk weertype gehad dat we ook in de Nederlandse zomers hebben, van stralend zonnige warme dagen tot waterkoude regenachtige dagen. Daarbij kon het weer soms snel omslaan. Ook kan het er behoorlijk waaien. Sneeuw of winterse kou hebben we niet meegemaakt. Dat komt omdat de warme golfstroom vanuit Mexico daar aan land komt, de havens vriezen er niet dicht en de sneeuw blijft waar die hoort: tussen de late herfst en het vroege voorjaar.

    1. Het weer doet gekke dingen tegenwoordig.
      Ik ga voor laagjes om zo met weinig alle kanten op te kunnen.
      Niet vergeten dat ik niet alleen naar het noorden ga maar via de Baltische staten terug ga waar het in de zomer net als hier ook 30gr kan zijn.

  3. Looks like you do not want to return… ;o)
    Fuel bottles at the side of the bike. One crash, one spark and all is gone. Once seen this in a bike with 5l gerrycan in Algeria years ago.
    Nice fire….

    1. Welcome.
      This is a real minimal packing for a long trip in all weather and temperatures with camping.
      The big difference between a jerrycan and these bottles is that a jerrycan is mostly plastic and there are lightweight aluminium with a safety cap, these are proven crash proof and used a lot in the offroad community.

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