Nothing but a lot is going on

Still no new episode due to lack of time but it’s all to end up with more time for those things and also some fun keeping me away from home.
Last week i had my last board meeting with the VFROC, until the annual members meeting end of January it;s just helping the new guy getting started.
Also full on with the Christmas Truckrun organisation until the 17th and then it’s all for the new guys there too. For that i had a meeting on Thursday.

But like i said also fun stuff.
Friday i had concert of Stahlzeit, a very good Rammstein coverband and as i’m writing this quickly it’s about time to leave to Haarlem for a concert from Sepultura with Sacred Reich.
Next week i have a thank u diner with the volunteers of the VFROC and the 1st of December i go to Alter Bridge with Halestorm in Amsterdam.

So not much to say.
Oh yeah, i now can make a post on YouTube too. Don;t know if that’s because i reached a certain amount of views or because i caved in and went for premium to get rid of the commercials. I follow some channels and always listen to music there when i’m doing stuff in and around the house.
Like i said in my first post on YouTube, it’s like the E10 or other questionable fuel… Better bad fuel than no fuel if there’s nothing good.
Now off to Haarlem with a stop on my way at my ex because it’s her birthday tomorrow.

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  1. En natuurlijk was het buitengewoon haha, Haarlem is een mooie stad. Druk met van alles zoals altijd, succes Ray, zie je snel.

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