Not out of the woods yet

Dodging the ball with the cooling system Saturday on my way to work a new problem occurred. One screw of the visors was missing and the second one was not able to keep it up on it’s own.

On the right is how it should be, also the plate went missing.
At work i right away started searching for parts as this is the helmet i was planning to use on the trip because this one has the mount for the GoPro.

Searching the www i did find the part numbers and some places to buy it but they all seemed to be located abroad so i waited until the stores opened and i called the Arai dealer where i bought the helmet and explained the situation.
They didn’t have the kits (plates and screws are 2 different kits) in stock and there was no delivery date in the system they connect to for ordering at the importer.
She could only call first thing on Tuesday, the plates they could sent me form another helmet but not the screws which i think is a bit strange. They can sell a helmet without the plates but not without screws?

The place is 130km from my work (160 from home) so no option to go there i’m afraid but i will when necessary even if it’s gonna be tight.
In the mean time i will try to put some mount on the flip helmet which is better for the first and last day on the autobahn and in the rain (which wont be bothering me too much i hope) but is not ideal for mounting a camera.
So it is not a risk for the trip when the parts are not in on time but for you it might be losing out on nice footage (if i finally stop screwing up the recordings).

Today i went to give the bike a good wash.

i took a bucket, some sponges and a cleaner which is sprayed on at this point.
I also took a chamois to dry the painted surfaces because the matte finish could end up quite stained when you let the water air dry.
There is a program to rinse it with a shine finish which is not really a product to make it shine like a polish but a product is added just like you can add to the dishwasher at home.
This product actually binds the chalk in the water letting it run off instead of drying up as stains but on a matte paint-job it still can leave marks.

The rest of the week after work i will start packing and checking all 16 countries for the latest news and rules about Covid and arranging the required additional insurance for Ukraine.
I already bought a phone and data bundle for outside the EU (7 countries) and reinstalled the app as i prefer the luxury and in these parts a hotel/B&B/hostel are often just a few euro’s more expensive than a campsite.
The idea is to take Ecstasy to work all week with the exception of Tuesday, then i need to do the last grocery’s shopping and i can fill Ragnarok up with petrol having him ready for a good first leg.

I’m all hyped for the trip and also have a strange feeling i always have when i go on a trip, even the short ones but that always go’s away within the first hour after leaving home.
I think it has something to do with some fear of forgetting things and once too far to do something about it i don’t seem to care any-more as i always check and double check the real important stuff like passport and motorcycle documents.
The tools are standard on the bike and everything else can wait until i cross a town where i can buy what i need when i really forgot something.
Just need to figure out the best spot for the spare keys now i’m solo. Last year Michel and i had each others spare keys locked under the seat but that’s not an option because when i need the spare keys i cannot unlock the seat… i still have 5 days and 6 nights to think of a place….

5 Replies to “Not out of the woods yet”

  1. Hoi Ray, hoop dat alles op z’n pootjes terecht komt, haha.
    Eventueel heb ik nog een reserve helm voor je liggen, een Schubert Pro en is al wat ouder maar wel oké.
    Voor wat betreft de reserve sleutels …. heb ik (als ik alleen reis) apart in een zakje van mijn motorpak. Ook wel eens in een washand aan de binnenkant van mijn pak genaaid.
    Succes, ik verwacht dat je een geweldige reis ervaring rijker bent als je weer terug bent, veel plezier en stay safe!

    1. Hoi Peter.
      Ik heb een extra helm die ook voorzien is van de Cardo speakerset zodat ik de unit op de helm kan klikken die ik gebruik.
      Die Arai is alleen voorzien van een camera mount en dat is op een systeemhelm wat lastiger, vandaar dat ik graag de Arai wil gebruiken maar de rit komt daardoor niet in gevaar.
      Morgen weet ik of de onderdelen op tijd komen en bij twijfel probeer ik alsnog een mount op de systeemhelm te maken.
      Maar heel erg bedankt voor het aanbod.

  2. Ray, een veilige plek voor je sleutel is een gat in je broekzak dan valt de sleutel in de voering van je broek.

    Ooit voor de start vr VFR rit was iemand zij. Sleutels kwijt, wij met ons allen zoeken niets te vinden.
    Zijn vrouw was al onderweg met de reservesleutel toen hij de sleutel in de binnenvoering vd broek vond😂😂 het is maar een idee. Of een tasje vd ANWB voor de reispapieren ben je voor ong 7€ klaar

    1. Bedankt voor de tips.
      Probleem is dat ik geen sleutels op de man wil hebben op zulke lange ritten maar aan de andere kant vind ik in de bagage ook geen prettig idee.
      De duffel is al voorzien van een waterdichte documentpocket, ik heb een paar opties in gedachte nu maar die houd ik geheim.

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