Not everything motorcycle

I started editing the video from the weekend with my friend Jeffrey when we went exploring some tracks here in the south.
But as a house owner sometimes you need to do some other thing.
I was planning on painting the door and window of the garage because the paint was coming of, had the paint already ordered a while ago and this weekend should be the moment.
Last week however i came home twice with the power cut off.
That also means the fridge/freezer stop cooling and when that happens when i’m away even if i empty the freezer as much as possible when i go on a long trip but also no lighting and window shutters simulating someone home to prevent burglary.

I narrowed it down to the pond so i shut the pumps off and that had to be addressed first.
There’s no fish but the water is just relaxing and the birds love the little stream but it also keeps the water clear.
The first thing i thought was the problem was not the problem, not a bad thing to change before it gets a problem but no fix yet.
Second attempt was cut of one pump and then the other and the first attempt showed that the problem should be in the waterfall pump.
At the fourth shop i finally found a pump and when i got back and fixed that issue there was no time left to start sanding, i did removed some loose paint with a scratcher and then started editing but halve way it was enough.

Today i got the door cleaned and sanded plus the outside painted so it is at least safe to hae the rest done next weekend.
This is definitely not my favourite job and with a long day tomorrow i didn’t feel like finishing the movie.

I did get a new Insta360 One R 4K camera, i bought one a while ago but it was a returned item with a discount but it turned out to be broken.
Because it was not a brand new one the warranty would get me my money back but not a new device.
When i picked up my rear tyre for Ragnarok at the neighbours he had 1 parcels????
It turned out to be a new camera under warranty and goodwill.
I did a test run (my regular commute) and it has good images but i need to find a better angle. I wanted that one for a few reasons.
One is because it’s modular and i can switch the display around from front to rear view whatever direction i use the camera. Second is i can buy a separate 360 degree lens (hopefully i find one before the ScanBaltic trip) and third i can use it without mods on a constant external power-source like the USB on the bikes.
Now i only need to find the best angle that works when i’m sitting and standing.

I also did some work to Sporherre.
I fitted new tyres i didn’t get in on time for the scouting weekend and they’re also not the tyres i wanted. Reason for that is also the reason i don’t buy tyres and parts at my regular supplier again. The tyres i wanted where available at an online shop but according to him my sizes where not available yet. He would ask why that online shop did have them but i never got an answer and when i decided not to wait any longer they where also not available any more at the online shop.
I really wanted to test them to see if it was the answer for the mileage problem of the already expensive but great Michelin Anakee Wild and i don’t like to start with an unfamiliar tyre on a long trip.
As a compromise for the price i bought a Mitas E09 Dakar for the rear which i ran on Ecstasy and has the same mileage as the Anakee Wild under Sporherre but is a lot cheaper.
For the front i now have the Mitas E13 because of the bad reviews of the E09 front.

Also got a new handlebar, a Renthal Fatbar because the previous owner bend the original one and i bend the new one i got under warranty meaning the OEM is just not strong enough.
I was hoping the spending finally ended but can’t ride with a bend handlebar. Funny thing is i waited 4,5 months for it and destroyed in within 1,5 months…. nah… not funny at all.
Lets end with some pictures of the work.
First the handlebar. When i get the handlebar replaced i asked if i could get the black form the T7 Rally but now i could choose between black and orange.
Black was better than grey but orange even better!

And the tyres

Until the next one….

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  1. Some activities keep you off the streets, but the most adventurous ones will get you out there 🏍

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