New year, new plans

We’re at the end of the first month of a new year and after finishing up the trip i made last year it’s time to start thinking about the trip(s) for this year.

First we have to hope for the freedom of travel with Covid-19 still going strong but with vaccination programs going on all over the world i have hopes that the biggest issues are gone end of August.
I just hope the leaders of the world don’t take away our privacy by introducing a vaccination passport where you’re only allowed free travel when you’re vaccinated and have proof of it because i was not planning to take the vaccination.

No, i am not one of the uneducated conspiracy theorists or just denying the virus but i believe in the basic rule of mother nature… Survival of the fittest.
All of our problems we face such as all of the environmental issues and (probably making up a new name) stupidyfication of mankind are not because of what we do but with how many.
This problem is created by people who thought they where super smart because they found a way to beat nature and keeping the weak alive but the only thing they’ve accomplished is an serious overpopulation.
Strange thing is that when it comes to taking a life by death penalty or someone who just don’t want to be alive any more it’s wrong and we cannot play God but when it comes to saving a life it’s okay???
The movie “Idiocracy” is starting to become more of a documentary than a comedy because a lot of the weak are weak minded, we became to soft and are offended by everything and i’m sure there will be people who are offended by this part of the blog.

Back to the plans…
This year i’m planning to go a week earlier, still late enough to stay behind the crowd but hopefully early enough to get a little less closed doors.
When the weather gets a bit better and the lockdown less tight i want to do the Offroad course with Adventure Shield with Ecstasy and during the spring and summer do the TET North and South NL (did the south already for a big part with Ragnarok) and Belgium.
For the big trip i hope the Balkan trip which i couldn’t do last year is possible this year but not all those countries are in the EU or have an agreement i keep the North trip as plan B.

Both trips will be altered a little.
The Balkan trip will be changed at the end because i incorporated a part of it in the beginning of last years trip and maybe that leaves me with some extra time to put some parts of the TET in. And in that case i got a new thing to consider… do i take Ragnarok or Ecstasy?
For the North trip i changed my mind about North Cape. I didn’t want to go there because it’s just a place “you have to been there” but i’m a big fan of Noraly a.k.a. Itchy Boots (Also have a bit of a crush on her 😊) and she had the same idea but did it anyway and she was glad she did.
She is a sparkling personality who i can relate to, she is beautiful inside and out but the main reason i watched all her video’s and also why i watch other travel video’s is to get inspired and have my thoughts adjusted. If i don’t manage to travel the world which is very likely i wouldn’t like to miss out on where i do go.

Those are the main goals but just as last year i will keep adjusting my plans to whatever corona will throw at us.
If a vaccinationpassport will be introduced i will get vaccinated, not happily but i finally got to do my motorcycle trips and i’m not going to give that up already. Don’t get me wrong, i stand behind my opinion and if i could make a change to the world by making that sacrifice i would do it without a doubt but this wouldn’t be noticed by a single soul.
I think i have more of a change to get somebody inspired by doing the travels i want to do and tell about it here.

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