My Mosko Moto collection got extended

Ascending day was the day of the TET North Netherlands and the first camping trip with Ecsatsy.
i was told that the Mosko Moto Reckless 40 might be a bit too minimalistic, even with the Stinger 22 tailbag instead of the standard Stinger 8 that comes with the R40 when you go camping with full camping gear.
When i took on the TET North i packed like i would go for a week as a test and it really is just a bit too compact.
I managed to take along what i needed but for a complete week it wouldn’t work out, i already had to cramp extra bags under the beavertail.
Even when i invest in a really compact packed air mattress i still needed to use extra bags so i did invest but in the Mosko Moto Reckless 80 with the Scout 30L Duffelbag.

I now have from Mosko Moto the Scout V2.0 35L panniers, the Reckless 40, the Reckless 80 (still have to get the 2 4L Aux Pox but they weren’t available yet), the Scout 30 Duffel, the Scout 60 Duffel and 2 5L Aux Pox converted into crashbar bags.
In this blog i will show you the fitment of the R80 on Ecstasy and the differences between the bags.

The R80 is a “revolver” system which means you have a main/centre harness and two leg harnesses which can be mounted in 4 different positions as the R40 is a one piece.
Reckless is actually a nice pun as it really is “rackless” but for the R80 especially on smaller/slimmer bikes a rear luggage rack is advised and i don’t have one on Ecstasy.
I could go and buy one ending up with a ugly or expensive part but as you might know from the bashplate extension blog i’m quite capable with some metal work so i designed and made one for just a bit of time (my boss sponsored the material).
This is the result of 2.5 hours work.

The R40 has 2 straps on the bag and comes with a cleat kit, this model goes fine without a rack or plate and therefore the extra kit for mounting.
The R80 has 3 straps and that’s why i made it like this.

This is the complete Reckless 80 kit containing the 3 mentioned harnesses, 2 legbags, a tent pole bag, a 20L drysak bag, a heat shield (which i already had fitted from the R40 set) and a hardware kit including a sachet of Loctite to put everything together.
I did make an unboxing video but even though i did check the camera angle on the headstrap it turned out that i didn’t think about it that i look down for the most part with my eyes. Bummer but lesson learned and it was a good practice for speaking non the less.

Then it’s time to fit it on Ecstasy. I measured the straps on the centre harness so the fitment is just how far back i have to go and on which angle i have to fix the leg harnesses.
I’ll just show you that part….

Then let’s go and check out the differences.
First a comparison between the 2 Reckless models. The R40 has 2 smaller bags under the legbag pockets which will fit a 1L fuel bottle each and a soft lined goggle pocket on top of the beavertail under which will fit the Stinger 8 or Stinger 22. There is also a small storage pocket on the inside of the other flap.
The R80 has a lot more molle webbing to extend the capacity even more, on the bottom will come a 4L Aux Pox on each side which will hold 2 1L fuel bottles each or the 4L dry bag that comes with it. The beavertail will hold the Stinger 22 or the Scout 30L Duffel (and i even thing that the Backcountry 30L and 40L also will fit). One flap has a storage pocket and the other a document pocket.
The beavertail of the R80 is removable for when you don’t need the tail space or when you want to use the Scout 60L duffle (i think that one is replaced by the Scout 50L) which come with their own beavertail.

Then let’s have a look at the Scout V2.0 35L panniers next to the Reckless 80.
The panniers comes with a 5L Aux pox for each pannier and you can buy 2 more if you need it as they can be fitted on the back and the front of the panniers.
I’ve chosen for the back but switching the panniers around and you’ll have them on the front. On one side i have 2 1L fuel bottles and in the other the dry bag.

And the last things you can buy at Mosko Moto we have the different tailbags.
The Duffles are both an option for Ragnarok to go with the panniers, the 30L Duffle and the Stinger 22 are the options for Ecstasy with the R80 but that kit can also work on Ragnarok and for the R40 i can choose between the both Stingers

For the panniers and the Scout 60 Duffle i also have a lockstrap, ideal for the longer trips where you also might want to go see something on the way and have to leave the bike unattended.
To fix the Scout 60 on the back i have a pair of Backcountry cinch straps.

And at last the thing you can’t buy at Mosko Moto… shame on you for not having this option in great line of products, or should i say a line of great products??
I’m talking about the crashbar bags off course.
They only need to make some kind of molle webbing harness to strap on the crashbars on which you can screw the Aux Pox.
I took the 5L Aux Pox and used the screws to put some straps on.

And no, they don’t sponsor me for this.
The internet sometimes looks like a slaughterhouse for producers as they get skinned for every futile problem for which they often don’t even get a change to rectify.
Mistakes are made by everybody and it can be annoying because it mostly happens at a bad moment.
But quality is not only making a good product but also how a problem gets solved.
I did have one minor problem with the mounting kit of the panniers and they solved it real good.
At the moment (June 2021) they have a bit of a problem with getting enough stock in due to the Covid situation but they are very open about it and you can read about it on the site.
Even though you might have to wait, i’ll highly recommend their product based on the quality on the products and the aftersales as well.
you can find them on or

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