Little sneak peak

This week i wanted to order new brakelines and levers for Ecstasy, the standard levers are too long for my liking and the shape of most standard levers are not for my hands.
I have short chubby fingers and with these levers i bought now i can put ‘m close enough to the handle to have a comfortable grip and still space for my fingers when i use ‘m with 2 fingers like preferred offroad.

With ordering these items i also had to make the final decision for the colour-scheme.
I already had an idea and this time there was no orange involved.
The idea still stands and it will be blue but not what you might expect, that stays a surprise but i can give you a picture that will give away the accent colours.

Yes… orange had to be in it. It became a bit of a signature colour for me and it also go’s really well with blue.
Another plus is that my allroad/summer helmet still matches ever though the stickers all say Honda and Crosstourer.
Maybe looking for making my own stickers now i have a logo 🤔. But they have to be cut, i hate the printed stickers on a square, rectangular or circular background.

Now you know a little more about my plans for Ecstasy i can show you the levers when installed.

Today i extended the amount of offroad on my route from work to home.
A colleague told me about it and i could see it from the road i normally take but it was very wet and i rather practice in a bit dryer circumstances when i have the possibility.
Once i get more experienced it’s easier to take some chances and see what you encounter.
It still was pretty wet which i already expected after the melting snow the past days and the rain but i didn’t want to wait any longer to explore that track.

It was a fun track which i will take a lot form now on. These tracks i have on my route now have some differences and when i ride them every time i have the time i will come across them in different circumstances providing a nice practice.
The forest track was this time not the wettest surface wise but it was the wettest saturation wise. Once after a lot of rain there where some water puddles about 30 – 40 cm deep, today the ground was very mushy.
Somehow i felt more confident and drove faster and still pretty relaxed, probably the most fun i had offroad on my own and i can’t wait for the ride home tomorrow.

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