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I had the LED bar lying around for a while now but the Motea crashbars prevented me to install it because i couldn’t install it where i wanted.
I really wanted it under the bottom triple tree so it could move with the steering and i can point it to check for alternatives if the track ahead is too sketchy.
As the main lights on the bike are fixed and i had the LED mounted under the crossbar from the Motea crashbar it’s only advantage is more light but only in the same direction the main lights already point.

Because the Motea crashbars where perfectly fine it took me a while to decide whether i spend the extra money on new crashbars or stick to the ones i had but the LED bar kept moving from left to right in the garage and i kept taking offroad parts on my late commute from work on the Mondays (have to work from 7 ’till 19 on Mondays) and if i waited any longer i probably didn’t need it the rest of the year until next winter.
This was the main reason to go for it and order the Heavy Duty Enduro crashbars which i installed in the previous blog.

Now i had the HD’s installed i didn’t want to wait any longer so the Monday at work i made the needed bracket to mount the bar where i wanted it.

It was too late to start the installation that day but Tuesday after diner it was off to the garage.
Unlike the auxiliary lights on Ragnarok with a separate switch i wanted this connected to the high beam but that’s not as straight forward on Sporherre.
There are cases of people frying the ECU when connecting it the way it was always done and that’s an expensive mistake.
Luckily there are always others that found the answer like Marcus from the YouTube channel Everything Tenere https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COBM49WJKFI&t=431s and Josh from MVDBR Enduro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIymsXSJT2c who didn’t figured it out themselves but they made good video’s of how to wire it safely provided with a scheme a layman can understand. The links get you to the video’s about this install.

Just as everything, their way is not by definition your way so i did the same in another way.
I made my own mount and i wired it with a different approach.
I did use the wires from the 3 pin connector for the heated grips, the dealer who installed it on Sporherre wired it directly on the battery so it was still available.
I didn’t use the connector, i cut that of and crimped flat cable connectors on the + cables to plug onto the relay and a round connector on the negative.
I didn’t cut the yellow high beam but i took the pin out with the sharp point of the voltmeter and solder the extra wire to the pin and put it back.

In the mentioned video’s you can see the scheme but it’s the both positives from the 3 pin to 30 and 85, the yellow from the switch (i used orange because i didn’t had a yellow wire) to 86 positive from the light (the 2 together if you have double auxiliary lights) to 87.
Warning: There are 2 yellows in the connector, you need the full yellow and not the one with a black stripe.

After this it was time to tuck it all away.
The easy way was to use the bolt where the fairing is fixed to the frame but i wanted as less soldering as possible and the cables from the heated grips connector where just a bit short to make that loop and i didn’t wanted the relay mounted upside down.
My solution was to drill a 6mm hole in the inside plastic and use a trim clip to hold the relay in place.
For cables that may have to come loose for maintenance or whatever i used reusable tyraps, for other i used regular… to be honest i just didn’t wanted to go upstairs or open the one of the toolkits from the bikes to get the one reusable tyrap i needed.

Downside i already discovered is that it gets muddy pretty fast but i have to test how much it affects the light-beam.
I did take a dark route to work Thursday but Monday i will do a better test and try to adjust it. On my way to work i don’t have time to try different things, just wanted to see how bright it was and it was already quite bright unadjusted.
This is how it looks on the bike, as high as possible

Not sure when and what about but until the next one…

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  1. If you’re not inventive, you’ll be stuck with the (im)possibilities that the materials present… You’ve found a way around it – and this is how inventions are made 🏍

    1. I always look for possibilities, that’s also how i manage to do 2 big trips during Covid.
      Because i am able to accept other ways but know what i’m capable of myself they give me almost all prototypes at work to fabricate the first time, i am the one who corrects the engineer.
      But to get there a made a lot of mistakes and i will make more in the future and that’s fine, you learn the most of those mistakes.

  2. Ray, this is DuncMan from Tenere700.net. Could you please shoot me an email so we can stay in touch. Have a couple of ideas to run past you, too. Cheers, Dunc

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