Leaving Romania… Shortly

I have visited the 3 reasons why i came up with this trip, the Transalpina, Transfagarasan and the Bicaz gorge. There are off course more reasons but they came along in the making of the rest of the trip as i didn’t want to just turn around. The Bicaz gorge was also added when i searched for directions.

First on the way was the Transalpina. The weather this day was great and i had so much fun riding i didn’t get much pictures but i hope the video’s will have some good footage. For now you have to do with just 1 picture.

This day was planned to end in a village just before the Transfagarasan but it was still pretty early so i decided to keep riding. But then the mountain became visible and it was hidden in a massive cloud and i stopped at a hotel just at the start hoping it would be better in the morning. When i was going for something to eat another biker came in, it turned out to be a Belgian guy from the Dutch speaking part. He was in a hurry and went on after the meal and he might have some luck. If i went on then it gotten so much worse that i couldn’t see anything but by the time he came at the restaurant some time already past and when we stood with his bike when he was about to leave the clouds moved away before our eyes, just remarkable but that behaviour of the weather is part of the mystery of the Transylvanian mountains.

I already checked in and had some beers, otherwise i might be continuing after all. The next day i was unlucky as it still (or again) rained but still lucky as the clouds stayed above the mountains and i could see everything anyway. I’m glad i cope with wet conditions pretty well making it still a good experience, something what was definitely not the case for some Czech bikers. I really felt sorry for those guys seeing them wrestling their way up.

At the bottom it slowly got better until the last hour of this days ride. It is not as dry as i hoped but certainly not as wet what i feared considering the summer we had. On the way to my endpoint of this day i also past Bran Castle but there was a line with an hour waiting time, that added to the time spend inside was a bit too much so i passed.

Today i ended up not far from the border with Moldova but before i went through the Bicaz gorge.

Kind of strange having this rock-formation when all the rest is covered with green and it is also not a long way getting through but still impressive. In my opinion not worth going for but a must see when you’re in the neighbourhood.

Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day with 2 border crossings into non EU countries, first into Moldova and later on into Ukraine. I heard it can take some time to cross them but i hope luck will be on my side. The total ride is about 340km so it might get to be a long day. Because of that i’m thinking to stay a day extra in Odesssa. I don’t like big city’s but it seems to be a beautiful town so i decide when i arrive.

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  1. Mooi man, leuk weer iets te lezen van je 👍😉. Leuke ervaring tot nu toe, ben benieuwd wat morgen jou brengt.
    Succes Ray.

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