Last trip blog is coming later this week

This weekend i wanted to get the blog for the offroad weekend in Drente done but i had some problems with getting an codec to get some footage working from the GoPro 8.
Finally have that fixed and discovered not all footage is lost so i have to edit it into a short video first before i can put the blog up.
That’s always time-consuming as my laptop doesn’t have a real powerful graphic card.

Yesterday i had an appointment for remapping the Power Commander on Ecstasy but there seemed to be a problem with the fuel mixture measurement gear on the Dyno causing false readings.
Shit happens but it cost me halve a day without a result and have to come back when the machine is fixed, hopefully next Saturday.
But if you knew everything in advance you could travel the world with a dime and then i would be doing exactly that.

Owning a home with outside space also means you have to spent time maintaining it and weeds growing like crazy in these conditions we have the last month.
Planned to do that already for two weeks but whenever i had time it was raining or it was too late again.
I want to keep the neighbours happy so they keep an eye on my place when i’m on the road and decided to take advantage of the nice weather today and get the front cleaned up instead of working on the blog but i’m planning on doing that this week in the evenings.

When all goes well than Saturday i finally get Ecstasy remapped and Sunday is the next VFROC ride out.
Thursday i get my second shot of the Covid vaccination giving me full coverage by the time i leave for the Balkan trip.
Speaking of that, this week was in the news that 11 non EU countries going to yellow. We have red, orange, yellow and green. Red is don’t go unless it is real important but even than think twice, orange is only travel when necessary like for business trips or so, yellow says it’s allowed to travel but still be careful en green is complete freedom.
4 of the 5 non EU countries i will visit on that trip are on that list and only Ukraine is still orange but we wouldn’t be the Netherlands if there some false information and loopholes in the colourcoding and it seems that is also the case for the Ukraine.
It’s the same as Norway being orange. They don’t allow everybody in but there are exceptions and being fully vaccinated is one of them and when i have the correct information (will double and triple check it) that’s also the case in the Ukraine plus you need to buy an insurance locally but that’s only €3,30 for 3 days plus €0,80 per every extra day and i probably are only there for 2.

That’s it for now…
Time enough to get my filming straight for a nice registration of the big trip and hopefully the upcoming regular holidays don’t mess up my travel plans or the stupid decisions from our not even official government for that matter 🤐

2 Replies to “Last trip blog is coming later this week”

  1. Laten we hopen dat iedere ..🤒😠🤧😷 zich aan de regels houd zodat iedereen straks weer lekker kan doen waar hij of zij zin in heeft. Druk druk, ja met een eigen huis is het nooit vervelen hoor 😃👍, succes.

    1. Donderdag krijg ik mijn 2e prik dus ik ben 28 augustus wel volledig gevaccineerd en dan val je meestal in de uitzonderingen en kan je gewoon binnen.
      Noorwegen staat op onze kaart ook op oranje maar dat is omdat zij de grenzen dicht houden maar dat geldt niet voor wanneer je volledig gevaccineerd bent (dus incl. de 2 weken na de 2e prik).

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