Last leg

Walking in the mountains is not like the walking i do at work every day, i knew that but the morning after the walk around the lakes i was not to subtle reminded of that but it was worth it.
Next stop is Bled, Slovenia.

These last days had a bad timing for the pictures, about every place i came the sun was just in the wrong spot and i couldn’t find a spot to get the item with the sun in my back.

Plan was to spend the night there but from the coast of Croatia the rest of my destinations where overloaded with people who waited the corona out or didn’t had the vaccination earlier (that would be all the Dutch people there).
I checked the prices somewhere in March for this time of year and now i was there they turned out about 4 to 5 times higher and the campsite was also fully booked that evening.
After some searching i found a guest-house 2 hours away somewhere in the direction my track was going just across the border into Italy in the middle of nowhere.
Nowhere as in almost no cellphone coverage and a data plan for Internet over satellite but out of data and not to forget the road up there, or what should go for a road.
Glad that there was i sign at the turn off from the main road the guest-house was that way.
But the host was friendly and it came with breakfast.

The next morning i get down the outer side which was a lot better with mostly new asphalt (i wonder how bad that was making them do that site first) and an hour to get back to the track just before the next goal, the view on Monte Chiavals from a dead end road you can enter in Aupa, Udine.
I don’t have pictures from that view, as i said i had a bad timing with the sun and this the best i could do there but you just have to go there when you’re in the neighbourhood.

From there i was going to the Passo Rombo (Timmelsjoch) and past the Passo Giovo (Jaufenpas) to get there.

Time to find a place to stay and because i’m well in time i might split the last section i planned to do just like day 1 on the autobahn in two and take small roads after all.

Nope, just like last year Austria screwed my plans up. Prices here where even worse than Bled and the German part of Tirol was just as bad.
At 19:00h i decided to get something to eat, learned from my mistake last year and tried to find a campsite when i sat there but no luck and in the mean time it went dark in the blink of an eye.
As i was not tired at all and it was just another 6 hours riding i decided to keep on riding.
After 700km, 2 stops to fuel up and a detour due to the extended damage mother nature caused in Germany a few months ago i arrived back home at 3:30.
Thinking positive, now i have a few days extra to get used to the regular life again but.

Thing learned for the next trip? Check my options a bit earlier (but not committing to it at that point) so i can change my plans over a bigger area. In this case maybe Switzerland.
Am i happy to be home? A small part yes, the rest is already thinking about the trip to North Cape in July 2022.

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  1. Prachtige afsluiting Ray, fijn dat je weer terug bent.
    Misschien zien we elkaar nog op de NoordKaap, ik ga nl ook in juli 2022 ;-).

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